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NJAL 245
special character unique-trickster
9 man wg[wolf guard] term
8 man wg [letting yall dicide wat weapons to put on them]
8 man wg

3xblood claws of 15 men[u decide what to put on them]
10 men blood claws

10 sky claws[same as before]

2x predator

Trying build a close combat theme army using logan and njal or ,one of each.
If i use the blood claws speial rule headstrong then i might use rino when bldclaws in 6 ' they decline shooting must assualt the enemy hmmm rino rush heheh wishfull thinking.

BUT here u go rape this thing do what u want with give some ideas
oh ps this is not a list .its a list of what i have

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well if you want a close combat feeling army id say you have to have atleast 3 pairs of wolf claws, and frost axes are a good idea too, termies whille good in close combat, epesially i have found with wolf claws, but can be slow to get there and can't be in a rhino, so id say you be best keeping them in resever, or shelling out for a land raider.

blood claws can only take chainswords and blot pistols, apart from the pack leader who can take something alittle special agian id recoment a wolf claw, (unless im mistaken they can take them, don't have my codex to hand so im not sure, faling that a power fist is always a good idea)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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