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WOC Question

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If I elect to play WOC do I have to pick some demon evil god to get power from or can I just play a huge army of evil warriors.

I guess I am asking is it possible to play WOC without choosing Nurgl or tzeench or anybody else ,and would it win or suck?
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Most tribes of northmen do have a patron god, however. They all acknowledge the other three as divine entities, and make offers to them as well-- but the vast majority of northern tribes favor one god over the others to some degree or another.

Warriors are each champions of a specific god-- they are wanderers, removed from their tribes and bound together by the will of a more powerful champion of their shared patron. It's unusual to have Warriors of Nurgle, for example, following a Lord of Tzeentch; but not unheard of. Armies that are a mish-mash of different marks are most easily explained by saying they're part of a greater whole, such as Archaeon's horde.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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