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WOW your second list seems much more powerful to me.
Note: there is only one caster is your army(most will have at least two one 4 one 2)
Definitely not a requirement, but it does mean you will likely be down by 2 on every dice roll.)
That is a huge block of ogres.
I'm guessing the sorcerer goes with the warriors and the hero goes on his own?
(Either I would not put him on a mount(make him a lord) and put him with the warriors of tzeentch, or I would give him a MOK and put him with the skullcrushers, or I would give him a DISC instead of a demonic mount and put him on his own (more movement).

Overall i really like the feel of your army though.
You trade a lvl 4 sorcerer with gear for two hammers (block of ogres and skullcrushers).
So long as you know what the trade-offs are its up to you.
Good luck and happy wargaming.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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