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A few items I see:

1)Vince is correct - Blasted Standard must go on a model w/ MoT.

2) No marks on the warriors? If you really want to go hw/sh MoT will be a great addition. Otherwise, you can't go much wrong w/ halberds and pretty much any mark.

3) What lores on the sorcs? Remember, you need to have the lores determined when you write your list. No other toys for the sorcs? Dispel scroll? Channeling staff? Magic armor bits?

4) Kitted out Lord on foot is a bit meh if only for the fact that you REALLY need him to get to combat and w/ M4 he won't be getting there all that quick. If you get chaffed up all game or redirected due to Frenzy, that lord is going to be a big point sink that does nothing.

5) I'm not a fan of marauders in the current book. They are pretty much crap for what they can accomplish. If you want to use them, you're going to need more in the unit as they die in droves to a stern look. And, like Vince said, the flails would be a bit better as you're not wasting their I4.

6) The BSB needs something better than a 4+ armor save. You really want this guy to live so the Talisman of Preservation would be a very good choice. Tack on a shield (magic or mundane) to boost survivability. A mount of some kind for mobility and boosted armor.
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