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Hello all, I'm proud to present you my homebrew chapter. I'm currently not done with the description, as I have to translate everything from French to English, so I'll keep editing this post to add the following parts (I should be done this week normally).

Chapter Name: Witchers

Chapter Appearance: Black and Brown with silver trim. Veterans and Sargeants wear a silver helmet instead of the normal brown one, while Captains and the eterans serving in their command squads have the honor of wearing a golden helmet. The armors of the Witchers are all decorated in accordance with the chapter cult: They are all heavily modified by their users, and decorated with etched cabbalistic runes and esoteric signs, while at the same time being decorated with as furs, tails and teeth. These usually come from the Wolves which are native to Rivias forests and mountains. This comes from the fact that the Wolf is a sacred animal for Rivia's biggest tribe: the "Tribe of the Iron Wolf", and that it is a big honor for one of their members to kill one of them in a ritual combat.
Some marines even go as far as to wear the skulls of defeated ennemies, but whether this is done to intimidate the enemy by showing him his fate, or simply to serve as decoration, remains a matter of speculation among imperial historians and those who think themselves experts in the domain of Astartes lore and heraldry.

A member of the Witchers chapter

Origins: The Chapter can trace its origins back to the tumultuous years of M37, in these troubled years, the High Lords of Terra ordered the creation of a new foundation in order to bolster the Imperium's defenses. This foundation which would be known under the name of "Sentinel Foundation" in the annals of Imperial History, was known for the many chapters it spawned that had limited or no knowledge about their primogenitor chapters.
The Witchers like many other Chapters of this age, were created to serve as a garrison to defend one or more strategic points that the Imperium coumd not afford to loose. The Witchers, were sent to the Eye of Terror, in order that they keep its surroundings safe from chaotic menace, and that they protect the sectors which were lying north of the Eye from Abaddons incursions into imperial space.
But, there is one thing which sets the Witchers appart from the other chapters around the Eye, a secret so dark and so obscene, that if it was discovered, the Chapter in its integrity would have to be executed, or worse, excomunicated, for ever banned from the Imperium they swore to protect...

Chapter History: The Witchers could be described best as an enigma to a stranger to their ranks. On one side, they are noble and wise warriors, at home in battle as much as they are at home in vast libraries studying the exploits of their elders. But on the other hand, they are very fierce and very connected to their natal planet and its shamanistic traditions. This duality made them the object of a great many debates... Some ignorants go as far as to pretend that the Witchers are but mindless savages that only try to hide their bestial nature underneath a coat of pretended civility, while others say that these traditions are but a rest of their lives as mortals, and that if one would imperialise this planet, these savage traditions would dissapear... But none of these two factions can deny the Witchers role in the defense of humanity, or the value of their presence in the Obscurus Segmentum to the imperial generals.
But under these pagan traditions, and wisdom accumulated over the ages, lies a secret more terrible than everything one of these wanna-be imperial historian can conceive, and that would put them, and the Inquisitors knowing the details of their secret in dire danger.

Nearly nothing is known about the Witchers chapter, or under what circumstances they were created - except for the fact that it was in M37 during the "Sentinel Foundation" - as almost everything was seized by the holy Inquisition almost immediately after the Chapter's creation. As if this wasn't suspicious enough, the persons who knew something about the Chapter or its creation would soon die of mysterious accidents or reappear later on in the ranks of the inquisition, or as mindless servitors...

What is known however, is that the Witchers have always had excellent relations with the Inquisition, above all with some of the most radical chambers of the Ordo Malleus. This corroborates the theory, that at least one of the three grand Ordos had a major role to play in the creation of the Witchers, be it for them to serve as an experiment, or for another darker reason... This information is now lost between the stars, unknown to everyone... This, made the Witchers very suspicious of strangers, and as the 41st Millenium comes to an end, they are one of the more mysterious chapters that fight for the Imperium.

The truth behind all those secrets and lies is only known to a few priviledged persons outside of the Chapter itself, and all of these are high ranking members of the Ordo Malleus, most of them members of the Radicals, those Inquisitors that don't hesitate to fight Chaos with its own weapons, sometimes at the price of their own minds. The knowledge of this secet is indeed a heavy burden to bear, and because of that, only the most trustworthy Inquisitors are worth of knowing it.

The "Project", originally only known as the "Hexer Project", was an experiment realised in order to recreated a chapter immune to the Warps temptations based on the "Exorcists project". After the Success of the initial phases, a suitable chapter homeworld was found, and half a century later, a new Chapter was born, ready to smite the Emperors foes, and to defend his domain with all their might.

Chapter Organisation:

Generally speaking, the Witchers chapter is following the Codex Astartes, but some parts of it are knowingly ignored, or reinterpretated to suit the Witchers tactics best. For example, the Witchers have no specific comapny or squad markings on their armors. Instead of that, the comapny and the squad are indicated by the runes etched on the marine's armor.
An other example of their deviance to the codex, is the fact that they are able to align the so called "Frostwolf formations". These formations are composed of several battle brothers riding on a deadly Frostwolf that they managed to domesticate. While these formations are extremely powerful, the number of Marines having accomplished this feat is extremely rare, and it is rare that during a century more than a dozen battle brothers accomplish one such exploit.
While the chapter appears to loosely follow the tenets of the Codex, it has another hidden organisation level, unknown to all but the members of the chapter. This organisation comes straight from the "Zo'har", a pre-imperial religious book, detailing how the angels, God's messengers, and warriors, were organised in levels, each one with its own name and characteristics. Because of that, each company bears the name of one of the ten angelic choirs during the chapters occult ceremonies. Each choir will be assigne to one power level or sphere as described in the "Zo'har", and according to the traditions, each Captain will take the name of the archangel of his own sphere for the time of the rituals. Each marine therefore has a secret name that he will have to use during the ceremonies of the chapter. For exampe, brother Cirith, marine of the 4th company will have as a sacred name: Brother Cirith of the Hashmallim, angel of the sphere of Hesed .

The companies with their according sacred names :

Something with has also astonsihed imperial tacticians and scholars, is that in spite of their violent foes, and their often highly destructive engagements, the Witchers are always well stocked with heavy weaponry. The origin of this material is unknown, but some speculate that their ties with the inquisition are responsible for this. Other reports also state that the Witchers have high numbers of MKVIII Errant armors in their armories, and that the number of Terminator Armors in their posession is higher thant that of the average chapter. Whether this is true or just a matter of speculation remains unknown...


The chapter only gets its recruits from one place: Rivia. The planet that has been given to them by imperial authority upon the chapters creation. Its hostile climate and deadly predators ensure thzt only the strongestand bravest survive to join the ranks of the Witchers chapter

Once every thirteen years, the Chaplains of the Chapter descend from their fortress, and join the Convergence. The convergence is called like this because it is the place where all the major roads of Rivia cross, and where the first human settlement of the planet was erected millenia ago. This settlement now bears the name of "Ir ha Malakhim", The City of the Angels, to honor the Marines who make this town their living space for the duration of the Trials every 13 years.
To participate in the Trials, the future Witcher will have to walk all the way from his village to the city, and survive to each and every threat the Fauna and Flora of Rivia put on his way. If the trainee survives his journey, he will be judged by a chaplain that will decide whether he can participate to the Trials or not. Those who weren't so lucky, have their remains sent back to their natal village with the promise that the trainee now sits with the emperor for all eternity.
The trials themselves, have been designed to weed out the weaker ones, so that only the strongest survive. They can vary depending on the seasons and on how many men the Witchers have... If they are at full strength they can ask all the recruits to fight until only one or more of them remains. But when they are in dire need of recruits, they can also take all of those who arrived to the final stages.

The right to join the Witchers chapter is reserved to every inhabitant of Rivia, regardless of social status or origin. CHowever, an exception is made to that rule for the Chaplains of the chapter: These are only recruited among the inhabitants of the plains, and only with the approval of the Ga'on of their community. This is to ensure that the Chapter continues to follow the teachings of the Zo'har and the "Ka'bala", so that it doesn't deviate from its path.

Once the selection processes are finished, the Recruits are led to the Chapter's Fortress Monastery: Sheol. When they have arrived, they will have to pass their first real test to become part of the Witchers: With the halp of an Inquisitor, they will be subjected to daemonic possession, and they will have to ban the demon away from their body with sheer willpower in order to show the Chapter that they are worthy of joining the Angels of Death. This possession will almost completely hide their Warp signature, and make them extremely resistant to possession and the Warp in general. This resistance to the Chaotic energies will allow them to operated there where even other marines would succumb to their envies or simply lose their minds.

Chapter homeworld:

The chapter world of the Witchers is situated in the northern regions of the eye of terror in the Narok sector. It is a cruel and unforgiving world whose conditions would kill a human not used to its climate in a few days. Although Rivia is relatively close to the Eye, its mutation rate is very low. Some go as far as to say that the Emperor has cast his gaze upon the planet, protecting it with his might.

Rivia's only continent is divided into two major biomes: On the outer borders of the continent, wide plains inhabited by the ferocious Frostwolves stretch as far as one's eye can see... these plains, soon transform into hills, as one progresses further into the continent, and away from the shore. Towards the center of the continent, only mountains and deep valleys remain. In the wider valleys, and in the caves, dwell the barbaric tribesmen. They form a society of hunters and warriors, warring wars for territories and food among themselves, and sometimes against the ferocious so-called Rivian Griffins. They are sometimes seen trading skins, meat, and wood for mead, clothes and other precious goods with the sages...
On the plains, where none of the tribesmen dare to go, live the Sages. These peaceful looking, albeit strong and proud scholars and warrior priests are the descendants of the first settlers that set foot on this planet millenia ago, when the Emperor wanted to destroy every religion in favor of the Imperial Truth. The Sages, are in fact the last practitioners of an old religion, called the "Ka'balla". The sages form groups of tightly knit groups of warriors, living in accordance with the "Zo'har". The Sages were also the ones that thaught the wisdom of the "Ka'balla" to the first chapter masters of the Witchers, so that they may carry its flame for ever, while using it as a weapon against their most hated foes. While children of both groups are allowed to take part in the trials, and are equaly qualificated to serve as Marines, the differences between both cultures sometimes creates tensions between recruits. However, when the units come out of training, they fight as a united group, united by bonds of comradeship and blood.

-Sheol: Sheol is the Chapter's Fortress Monastery, it is situated inside the highest mountain of Rivia, which has been completely hollowed out in order to serve as the chapter's Stronghold. With the times passing, it has become a biger and bigger complex, now occupying the whole mountain, and ranging from low orbit, where smaller ships and their escorts of fighter craft can refuel, to the depths beneath the mountain itself, where the gruesome initiation rites are celebrated.
While being a complex designed only for military and strategic purposes, it also houses facilities to house the non-Marine personnel living at the base with their masters, as well as research facilities and astropathic chambers.

Notable Campaigns and Engagements:

M37 556 : The battle of the summit : First engagement found in the archives of the chapter
M37 842 : 3 Companies of the Witchers chapter escort a Mechanicus fleet in its to task to explore a yet unexplored sector of the Galaxy
M38 258 : Liberation of the Kedwin and Temeria systems which had been until then under the rule of the Ork Freeboota Bludklaw
M38 552 : First War of the night. The 3d, 4th, and 6th company suffer a harsh defeat at the hands of a yet unknown species of Xenos on the world of Noctis. The Chapter makes an oath to avenge the death of their fallen brothers.
M38 557 : The witchers send five companies to help in the war effort against Abbadon's 9th Balck Crusade
M38 852 : Exactly three centuries after the Witcher's defeat at the hands of the Arraks, the three companies which have been so severely decimated in the first war of the night make planetfall on the capital world of the Xenos beasts. After the glorious victory on Noctis and the year long purges and extermination campaigns, the Witchers head back to Rivia. To commemorate the victory of the chapter, the Crown of Bones is forged.
M39 389 : Several squads of Witchers along with two regiments of the Imperial Guard help to defend the Skellig sector against the raids of Eldar pirates.
M40 025 : A small taskforce consisting of two squads of Witchers and two squads of the Red Hunters chapter is sent on a Highly dangerous mission with Inquistior Antaros. Of the initial taskforce, only 2 Witchers and Antaros' remains came back...
M40 273 : The first company of the Witchers purges the Space Hulk Bringer of Woe from the taint of a Genestealer infection. As a prize for bringing an unknown STC back, the Mechanicus awards the chapter with a new Strike Cruiser.
M40 824 : Pacification of the Tätgren system. The rebels are forced to accept defeat when the 2nd Company storms the command bunker along with Terminators elements from the 1st. The heads of the rebel leaders are exposed on spikes on top of the Governor's palace for all to see.
M41 139 : Participation in the Gothic war. The Witchers prove themselves a valuable asset by establishing security lines around major civil locations, and escorting them out of the warzone.
M41 452 : Geralt Wiwczarek is acclaimed Chapter Master after the death of his precursor
M41 582 : The 6th Company guided by Epistolary Halicki help to defend the forge world of Cortana Prime. To thank them for their help, the Mechanicum presents them with the Archeotech plasma pistol the Redeemer of Souls it is still worn by the chief Librarian of the Witchers to that day.
M41 648 : Destruction of the renegade forge-world of Myrath in the Segmentum Obscurus
M41 999 : Geralt Wiwczarek sends all 10 companies of the Witchers to fight against Abbadon's forces and to put an end to the 13th Black Crusade. It is rumored that Geralt himself slew more than ten heretic leaders in single combat, striking fear in the hearts of their foes.
M42 001 : In order to destabilize Abbadon's forces and to deliver a crushing blow on his forces, a small forces of elite Inquisition members and Marines of various Chapters witch close ties to the Inquisition travels into the Eye of Terror. Their objective is to destroy an artifact whose might is beyond imagination, and which could be the doom of the Imperium should it come to be used against it. The fate of Mankind now rests in their hands...

Chapter Beliefs:

According to the few reports that have been written about the Witchers by members of the Inquisition visiting Sheol, the Witchers are described as being very calm, wise and tempered when operating outside of the battlefield.
Due to fact that the witchers have a very big knowledge of the Warp and are immunised to it's effect, and their radical allies, it is not unknown that they decide to fight chaos with its own weapons, this also includes the use of sacrificial pacts, or the Chaotic artifacts in order to weaken their most hated enemies. This knowledge of the forbidden lore and their fondness for rather radical methods enables them to escape the strict and often innefective ways of the Imperial dogma.

Another huge difference between the Witchers and the rest of the Imperium, is their position regarding the spreading of knowledge: in an Imperium where ignorance is widespread, where even knowing the existence of the warp can bring one very close to the Inquisition - probably in a very uncomfortable and painful way - the Witchers take a radically different approach to the matter. Each recruit is taught the dangers of the Warp, and has to know the basic psalms of banishment before he even gets his Black Carapace implanted, while every accomplished marine of the chapter is able to recite the entire Liber Maleficus and Zo'har by heart. This is done in order to make the Witchers even more resilient aginst their most hated foes, because only when one knows ones enemy, can he really beat him.

The first pillar of the Witcher beliefs is the teachings of the Zo'har, in fact, the book is a great source of knowledge on demons and how to ban them back into their kingdom, and the majority of the runes and sigils etched ont the Battle brothers' armours come from this holy book. But except from that the Zo'har also preaches other things, it preaches for example to honor one's ancestors, and to treasure knowledge, for knowledge is our most valuable weapon against the enemies of Humankind. Because of the high importance the chapter gives to knowledge, the Librarium of mount Sheol is one of the most prolific in the segmentum, and it is not uncommon that Inquisitors from all Ordos come to Sheol in order to consult some manuscript to help them in their investigations. Furthermore, some factions of the Mechanicus have come to appreciate the Witchers as allies because of this veneration of knowledge, as they see a similitude between some of their beliefs and this way of thinking.

The second pillar that shapes the chapters faith is the ensemble of beliefs the various tribesmen of the north have. With the centuries, thes have developed their own beliefs, which base themselves on oral tradition and legends transmitted from father to son, usually they are about the old heathen warriors, or the "Gods that walk the stars". These sometimes also venerate one or various totem animals, the most notable example for this would be the Tribe of the Iron Wolf, that has the wolf as its totem animal.
By recruiting from both sides, the Credo of the Witchers has progressively hybridised itself, in order to accomodate both schools of thought, putting their beliefs between the hoolistic and shamanistic traditions of Tribesmen, and the holy teachings of a book older than the Imperiul they swore to protect.

Chapter Relics:

Redeemer of Souls : This relic plasma pistol has been gifted to the Chapter as thanks for defending a Forge Wolrd against an Ork WAAAGH!
Based on ancient Archeotech Technology, the cooling systems of this pistol seem to work better than the usual liquid Helium cooling systems, although the reason why remains a mystery for the Chapters Techmarines. Since it has been gifted to the Librarian Halicki, it remains a badge of office for the master of the Librarium.

The Crown of Bones : After the victory of San Dorian during the second war of the night, -one of the most bloody conflicts in the chapters history- which saw one entire Xenos civilisation die at the hand of the Witchers, albeit at the cost of an entire company, and this is without counting the losses of the first war... In order to commemorate the death of all his fallen Battle Brothers, the then Chapter Master of the Witchers ordered that a crown be made of the bones of the Creature that ruled the Arrak empire so that his fallen brothers will always be next to him. This crown which also incorporates a small force field generator is the symbol of the Chapter Masters, and each and everyone of them, has the privilege ad the obligation of wearing it in combat, so that he may remember the sacrifice of his Brothers, and to inspire him to acts of greatness, so that no such tragedy shall ever happen again.

The Winter Blade : This blade was forged in M36 by the legendary artificer Gambrinus the great as a special comission to the Chapter Champion. This enormous two-handed blade can only be carried by a Space Marine into battle, as its weight and size would be too great for a normal human. The sword in itself is a masterpiece, with ice blue runes shining from its dark blade of obsidian, and with the names of those who fell while carrying it engraved on its handle.

Notable Witchers:

Vesemir van Helden : Also known as Master Vesemir, he was the first Chapter Master of the Witchers. He led his fellow Astartes on a thousand glorious camapigns, and on a hundred thousand worlds people chant his name to this day.
It was him, who beheaded the Daemon Prince Kio'Wan'Kai and his retinue back into the Warp, and it was him who planted the melta bombs on the plasma reactor of the renegade Warlord titan Sin of Pride, allowing his men to storm the palace of the Arch-Heretic of Theed.
The day he persihed, the whole chapter mourned his death, and each and every battle brother that had served under his command made a oath not to speak until he was avenged.

Coën Darski : First captain of the Witchers, friend and counselor of Geralt of Rivia. He slew an Ork Warboss with bare hands when it threatened to kill his whole squad.

Viktor the Elder : The oldest dreadnought of the chapter, and de facto the oldest warrior fighting in the Witchers ranks. While serving as Chapter champion and bodyguard for the Chapter Master during the Adixian liberation wars, he took not less than 36 bullets of various calibers, as well as various hits from close combat weapons in order to save his Master from death. Upon returning to Rivia, he was interred in a Dreadnought to serve for eternity. He is often seen counselling the Chapter Master or sleeping in the halls of silence.

Geralt Wiwczareck : Also known as Geralt of Rivia or Master Geralt. He is the Chapter Master of the Witchers and one of their most formidable warriors. His size makes him even taller than most space marines, and gives him the constitution of a small Ogryn.
When Geralt was still a normal marine in the ranks of the 5th Company, he had already been recommended various times. It was at this moment, that he was assigned one of his most dangerous missions: He and his squad were to accompany a Malleus Inquisitor on a highly secret and dangerous mission. As the investigation on the planet Crucius progressed, it was becoming clear that this planet was already lost to chaos. It was at that moment that the daemons jumped into realspace... the losses were enormous, all of Geralt's squad had died, he was horrendously injured, and the Inquisitor had lost one arm and an eye. Still, he fought his way to the spaceship, dragging the body of the Inquisitor behind him. When they finally departed the planet, it was already lost, and the only thing that they could still do for it, was to declare an Exterminatus and to leave immediately... This was only the first of many heroic actions, and when the Old Chapter master died, it was him who was elected by the chapter's elders to become the next one and to lead the chapter to glory. As the 13th Black Crusade is coming to a bloody stalemate, with both factions throwing more and more manpower into the meatgrinder that the sectors around the Eye have become, the Witchers and their Master fight on relentlessly, having sworn that they would not leave the zone of the Eye until the last heretic has fallen. But as time goes on, rumors start to spread about the noble Chapter Master, the men fighting alongside him say that he remains in his quarters all the time, going out only to fight. That he only comes out at night when his men sleep, and that after every offensive he gets darker and more agressive, having no other cravings than to go to war again...

Chapter Fleet:

Having the support of the radical Malleus factions, as well as good ties to some Mechanicus Forge Worlds, the fleet of the Chapter has always been well furnished. However due to the Chapter currently fighting against Abbadons Black Crusade, it has sustained severe losses

-Manus Dei: Battle Barge (Destroyed during the Swartholme offensive)
-Harvester of Sorrow: Battle Barge
-Aleph Argentum: Battle Barge. This ship was originaly a wrack rotting on a planet whose name is forgotten to all but the oldest members of the Chapter. It was taken as a trophy, and after reparation by Magii of the Mechanicus now serves as the Chapter's capital ship. It also serves as a backup library for the Chapter, with copies of nearly every manuscript the LIbrarium on Sheol contains.
-Grim Reaper: Battle Barge. (currently undergoing reparations due to heavy damage) This mighty space ship was first sighted during the Gothic Wars where it helped in the final offensive, playing a decisive role in the Imperial fleet. Before being crippled in 999 M41 during a Chaotic raid, it mostly served as a transport ship for civilians that the Witchers had evacuated from conflict zones and has also been rewarde several times for the destruction of pirate fleets affiliated to chaos.
-Blackwing: Strike Cruiser. Offered to the Witchers by the Mechanicus after the purge of the Space Hulk Bringer of Woe and the discovery of an SCT template.
-Ezchaton: Strike Cruiser. Property of the 2nd Company (currently undergoing reparations). The Crewmen of this ship have adopted the bizarre tradition of chanting the ship's name before every engagement.
-Son of War: Strike Cruiser.
-Burning Sun: Gladius class frigate. (destroyed)
-Ben Sahar: Gladius class frigate.
-Creeping Death: Nova Frigate. Crew honored with the Order of Merit for the destruction of 5 chaos frigates during the Battle for Kwajalein
Furor Divinus: Hunter Destroyer. Destroyed during the Battle for Kwajalein.

The one that finds all the references in the last 3 paragraphs gets a +1 rep. from me! :)

So, I hope you liked it, and that I didn't turn the Mary-Sue level too high up! :)
If you have any critics, suggestions, death threats or any other comments on this chapter, I'll be happy to hear/read them! :)

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Feel free to post them here mate. We also have the Project Logs section if you want to create a "diary" of your ongoing painting exploits :)

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I like it, first I thought it was another generic Space Wolves chapter - no offence -, but I love the links to the Inquisition and the references to the Angelic names and Cherub Spheres. Love to see a Plog of this to a company the fluff.

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Thanks all of you for these encouraging messages! I now feel even more motivated to translate all my stuff :)
I hope my chapter isn't too Mary-Sueish ^^

Love to see a Plog of this to a company the fluff.
I'd like to do that , but what is a plog? :shok: (excuse my ignorance)

PS: I added another part, and to be honest it is the part I'm not so sure about, I don't know if this makes a bunch of Mary-Sues out of them or if its cool like that. Anyway, let me know what you think of it! :)

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Plog = P(roject) Log :)

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Good evening everyone! :)
Thank you all of you for responding me so nicely and explaining me what a plog is, I reall appreciate it ^^

I've edited the first post too now include the Chapter Beliefs as well as some notable military cmapaigns in the chapters history. PLease note that most of these events are In-game events that I used to complete my background story.

Oh, and I've also modified the paragraph on their appearance a bit to include something about how they look physically, and not just their armors.

And, as usual, enjoy your reading, and if you want to criticise, comment or even send me a death threat for whatever reason you think of, feel free to post it in this thread, I'll ansewer for sure! :)
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