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WIP 40k City of Death Bell tower project

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I'll be adding my progress periodically so stay tuned gents...and possibly ladies (although I've never seen a ladie gamer yet-one of my items on my Warhammer wish list).


plus this


A How to build a Warhammer 40k Bell tower guide/blog/thread

I hope you're all in the mood to build something wickedly awesome because you're about to learn how to build a bell tower. It being close to Christmas I went out and purchased a brass bell from a dollar store. Now that I had the crucial component, I could begin to construct. So pull up your socks, defog your glasses and repeat after me,"Warhammer is my life". Did I say that out loud? Anyway, let's build some terrain.

Materials list:

* 20"x30" foam board
* utility knife
* pencil
* ruler
* popsicle sticks
* white glue
* an Ipod playing Zeppelin and a little patience while cutting the foam board.(you'll see what I mean)

Step 1 marking the windows

I tried making a Gothic/Imperial guard/city of death look to it. Here's where artistic license comes in. Feel free to design the windows however you choose. I would suggest creating a lot of windows though. It creates a more open feeling while looking through the building.

Step 2 Cut out your windows

Pretty strait forward, although this is where you'll need to bite the bullet for a good while and just cut till you're so engrossed in your work that when someone calls your name three times, you only just then begin to respond.(breath) When you're done it my look something like this:

You may also want to sand the insides like so:

Step 3 Cut out base

You're going to want to cut a base out so the walls have something to stick to. I made it just large enough to fit 2 space marines along the outside of the building once in place.

Step 4 Glue popsicle sticks

Start this by slicing popsicle width channels in each level.

Next glue popsicles in place. These will give support to the structure when gluing everything together. Once finished let it sit to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Step 5 Glue structure together

This is where we make busted up flooring. Make it so it's able to rest on both walls for stronger support. Hold the walls up perpendicular to each other and glue down the floors. This will enable the building to stand by itself.

Next glue supports to the base. I used the windows that were cut from the walls.

And going in for the closeup...

How to build a Warhammer 40k Bell tower part 2 coming soon...
Mini War Gamer Dave

P.S. Here's my article for Making a rusted steel shed

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Very cool I like how you did the windows. I do similar style buildings myself however being a cheapskate I use cardboard. Or rather two pieces glued together for each wall. Not too easy to cut but very sturdy.
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