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I agree with pretty much all of Sethis’s points. X-wing is easily one of the best miniature games currently out. The things I love most about X-wing are:

1) It’s quick to learn, but hard to master.
2) The mechanics of the game fit the theme perfectly.
3) It’s a relatively fast game, with games taking about 45-75 minutes.
4) It has a low hobby requirement, whilst giving the player the flexibility to invest more into the hobby aspect if they want to.
5) FFG seems to really care about keeping the game balanced, fun, and keeping the player base happy.
6) FFG also cares a lot about the competitive scene, and encouraging people to host tournaments.
7) There's a strong focus on good sportsmanship in the competitive scene. Even after 20+ tournaments I am yet to have a 'bad' game.
8) It’s Starwars! PEW PEW!

Limited Competitive Options

There are three main archetypes of list: Swarm, Large Turreted Ship and Phantom. In order to succeed at championships you essentially have to run some variation of one of those choices. Rebels don't have access to Phantoms, but compensate by having a better Large ship, and both sides can run effective Swarms. Of course this only matters if you want to go to tournaments; if you're just planning on playing at the club/friends level then you can play whatever the hell you like and it'll win games if you practice enough!
Sorry, but as someone who is heavily into the tournament scene I have to disagree with this point. I'd argue the opposite. It's true the phantom has held the meta 'hostage' to a degree and caused it to stagnate a bit, but the game still has a relatively open meta compared to most other miniature games.

The three main list archetypes you gave are so broad that they can pretty much describe all possible squads anyway. There’s also plenty of hybrid squads made up of combinations of the archetypes you gave (Eg: Big turret supported by a mini-swarm).

Here are three competitive lists that don’t fit into the categories you gave:

33 Roark w/ BlasterT + Rec Spec + MC + Engine
66 Dagger (x2) w/ HLC + FCS

75 Blue (x3) w/ E2 + Tactician
25 Gold w/ R3A2 + IonT

52 Krassis w/ HLC + Reb Cap + Engine + Siesmic
48 Academy (x4)

These are all good lists, and there’s plenty more where they came from. That’s not to say there aren’t issues with the current meta (they can all be traced back to the TIE phantom being OP thereby holding the meta 'hostage'). If your list doesn’t have a direct or indirect counter to the phantom you can have a lot of trouble in the competitive scene, but luckily the number of phantom counters are increasing and people are now more comfortable fighting the phantom.

Limited Customization

If the reason you play tabletop games is for the modelling/painting side of things rather than the game itself, X-Wing won't really be your thing. You can do some amazing repaints of the models, but ultimately you can't really convert anything substantially, and you'll get bored eventually. Better to play a system with multi-part figures.
Again I have to disagree, at the official FFG worlds tournament your ships can be repainted, but the models themselves need to be stock (besides magnetizing or replacing the pegs). Worlds is one tournament that happens once a year that only a handful of people qualify for, which doesn’t stop you from using converted models in other tournaments. I am yet to find a TO who doesn’t let me use my converted models.

Some Examples:

2,007 Posts
OK so im taking the plunge into this. Where should i start? Starter set with Rules and such? what about minis? id like about 100pts of each to start off with. ill get into the expansions and such later. just want a feel for the game at first.
The core set of the game comes with all of the rules, templates, tokens and dice to play, plus 2 TIE fighters, an X-wing, and the cards that go with them. To start off I'd say grab a core set and try the game out to see if you like it.

After that if you want to delve deeper, grab an X-wing expansion and YT-2400 expansion, or a TIE fighter expansion and a VR-49 Decimator expansion if you wanna go Imperials. Those expansions give you enough stuff to make some decent, balanced 100pt lists. You can also proxy upgrade cards you don't have in friendly games.

After that just grab whatever expansions appeal to you, a second core set is also useful for the the cheap extra ships, tokens, and dice.
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