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I been playing games at my local GW and it seems everyone is obsessed with cheese. Anything i use and win with must be cheese and god help you if you want to take more than one of the same thing in your army. I see much cheesier lists everytime i look on the net but If i take something like an example of Fear of the darkness librarian i get ripped into about it by 3 or 4 guys and the redshirts as i play with someone. There not even in the game. The libby walked into battle in a termie squad. it didn't even ds or pod into battle.

Another guy there got the same thing for having 2 wraithlord in his army and that was from a gw staff guy who has 3 wraithlords and no wraithguards in his iyanden army.

so whats with all the cheese guys? why can't i take what i want without all the comments and people saying maybe we shouldn't let him play in the store?
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Maybe it's just because you win all the time or something. It's no fun to always lose, after all. I doubt you're being cheesy though. People are just difficult sometimes. :roll: Nature of gamers, I suppose.
I go to tournaments to play different people. Admittedly, I tend to win, but that's because I don't just make a bum rush with my Marines. Almost everyone with Space Marines just moves forward, throwing tactics to the wind. If you actually play a tactical game with them, though, they're bloody amazing. I've never been accused of being cheesy in a tournament-- in fact, I tend to pick up "best army." Proof that there's more to a tournament than "just winning."
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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