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I been playing games at my local GW and it seems everyone is obsessed with cheese. Anything i use and win with must be cheese and god help you if you want to take more than one of the same thing in your army. I see much cheesier lists everytime i look on the net but If i take something like an example of Fear of the darkness librarian i get ripped into about it by 3 or 4 guys and the redshirts as i play with someone. There not even in the game. The libby walked into battle in a termie squad. it didn't even ds or pod into battle.

Another guy there got the same thing for having 2 wraithlord in his army and that was from a gw staff guy who has 3 wraithlords and no wraithguards in his iyanden army.

so whats with all the cheese guys? why can't i take what i want without all the comments and people saying maybe we shouldn't let him play in the store?
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I tend to be the munchkin in our group in theory, and try to be fair in practice. It also depends on if you know what army you will be facing or not... people that make up a list there at the store are usually more "cheesy" in their composition because they know what they need to take.... I bring my lists in advance, and play them that way as "Take all Comers" lists. If I was playing tau, I may not bring so many LCs, and bring more HBs is a good example.... cheese is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and also in the reason you are making the list for.
League.... just a good bit of gouda please.
Friendly? Let's both have some fun......
I have gottne much better at not being a munchkin, but I still like to bring out my 9 oblit list that I have been playing for the last 3.5 or so years...... I got my chaos codex in spring of '03, and fell in love with 9 oblits till my gaming group wouldn't play that army list.....
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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