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Who Would Win?

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OK guys hypothetical situation - who would win out of the Chaos Gods (pick one) and a C'Tan.

Both gods - but who is better?

I don't know who my money is on but what do you guys think?
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Putting aside who can exist where, C'tan can be fielded on the battlefield with ease, whilst it's likely each of the 4 Chaos gods makes playthings of Imperator Titans.

If the 4 Chaos Gods are relatively equal in power then much of Tzeentch's power goes to his amazing ability to predict the future, and Slaanesh the ability to beguile, intoxicate and persuade. This leaves Khorne and Nurgle, and I say Khorne who is pure 100% combat and nothing but (and his immunity to all things psychic is a nice added bonus) would win.

All this is assuming a straight-forward versus showdown on a battlefield, which Khorne is designed for.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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