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Lets say you have your hand picked squad of Tanith, versus your hand picked squad of Last Chancers.

Lets say five man team on five man team.

Gaunt, Rawne, Mkoll, Larkin, Mkvenner

Last Chancers:
Schaeffer, Kage, Hero, Scope, Shiv

So if the two teams were hunting each other in the forest, or in a city, who would win?

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Bah, Tanith hands down.

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Tanith without breaking a sweat.

Hell Larks and Ven could take them by themselves. Shiv an't got shit on Larkin. I'd like to see a match between Rawne and Kage though. Its a tough one to see who win. My money would probably be on Kage, hes more of phycopath than Rawne is.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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