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White Scars Predator WIP

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Hey guys/Gals, been awhile since my last post. I figured I would make a WIP post of my new project. Any advice would be helpful as this is my first White Scars tank. Also the second model where the base color is white. :headbutt:

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not a bad start man. I'm just kinda curious as to what you airbrushed :) I think a pointer I could give you would be to start with Adeptus Grey (foundation) and then use the airbrush to spray the white lightly over the grey. this will create depth to the model and a sense of weight! Good luck man, can't wait to see more!
Ok not a bad start... The thing that I'd like to point out to you for the next time would be placement of the mud. The splatters are good, but they go way to high to be realistic or even artistic, the mud placement under the turret is umm.. not a place that mud would collect. I just wanted to add this incase you wanted to improve, I could go on, but I don't know where you stand with tips and pointers
No I would def love any tips and pointers. This is the first model I have ever tryed to "weather" with flock and such things. So any advice would only help me to improve the next Rhino and then the Landraider which is the one I was to do the best.

@ the mud under the turret. I figured with the amount of travel and splash mud is bound to get there, but its the only place on the top of the tank that things like wind and rain wouldnt hit, so I figured it would pool there. Maybe the back story in my head is to long. :laugh:
The splatters are a good start man. Try to think about a tank, or watch online some tanks splashing through the mud... there are video's out there of this! It would splash and splatter for sure, but the movement of the tank would wisk most of it away before it had a chance to settle like you're representing. Mud itself wouldn't collect under the turret of the tank since the turret is constantly sweeping thier given perimeter, atleast that's what we did when I was a gunner in a tank. What you did in principle is great, but I think the next time you should dirty it up using washes or stipling paint onto the spots, and not use sand to create the mud. A build up of mud like this could cause a jam in the turret ring and create major problems for the techmarines in the Motor pool if that tank survived long enough with a stationary turret LOL.

The real trick to weathering a tank is to take a realistic AND an artistic approach to it. It's hard for me to explain it, but think of it like this... "I know that mud or blood or whatever would look cool here, but would it be appealing to the eye of the person looking at it?" "does what I'm doing make logical sense to what I'm trying to achieve"? Perhaps others will have better ways of tying it out to make sense more.... here's a key summary of what I wanted to try to say

- Don't just throw sand all over and make mud. Use washes, stiple paint to simulate mud and dirt.

- Consider where you are putting it, does a glob of sand make sense or would a wash make more sense here at this spot?

-research and use other people's representation of tanks as inspiration. Especially historical modellers of WWII armour!!

I hope that helps
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no problem man! Hope I could help! I do have to say though that the mud build up on the track guards are very nice!! Can't wait to see more
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