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List is 2 MotF w/ CBs, one on a bike.

One rolls with Telion and 6 cloaked snipers. The bike run with a combat squad with flamer ML and TLLC RB. The 5 bolters from this squad are kinda unassigned at the mo, though I thought of just hunkering them down on an objective. There is also a 5 man Tac Squad w/ flamer and TLHF RB.

Also 1 Typhoon and 2 MM HB Tornadoes run seperately.

So the six Dreads I was thinking of running were:

1. Ven w/ TLLC and TLAC/ ML - which do you recommend of the 2nd two arms?

2. Dread w/ 2x TLAC

3. Dread w/ CCWw/HF and AssC

4. Dread w/ PC and TLAC

5. IC Dread w/ CCWw/HF and SHw/MG and 1 HKM

6. IC Dread w/ HuB and SHw/MG, 2HKM and ICAL

Dreads 1 and 2 back up the MotF and RB with anti armour, Dreads 3 and 4 target MCs or MEq and 5 and 6 are pretty versatile.

Given that I have lots of S10 on the board I may drop 1 MotF for more troops - I don't like the 5 'spare' Marines, and this would give me points to load up on troops. I.e. 20 marines in 4 combat squads w/ RB or Rhinos, plus the 7 scouts.

C and C of the Dread loadouts and list in general appreciated.


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