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This is a friendly list using "what I've got assembled" so far. I'm playing my wife.

Sons of Magnus, 1750 Points v1

Chaos Lord
Personal Icon
Terminator Armor
Paired Lightning Claws

Chaos Sorcerer
Bolt of Change
Mark of Tzeentch
Personal Icon

Chaos Terminators x5
Mark of Tzeentch
Powerfist x3
Chainfist x2
Reaper Autocannon x1

Possessed x5
Mark of Tzeentch

Chaos Space Marines x24
Aspiring Champions x3
Power Weapon x1
Power Fist x2
Plasma pistol x3
Mark of Tzeentch x3
Plasma Gun x3
Heavy Bolter x3

Chaos Spawn x2

Chaos Predator x1
Extra Armor
Havok Launcher

Greater Daemon
1750 Points Total

*edited to remove points costs.

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so a heavy tzeentch theme then :)
not sure about the pred, in this list is likely to die real fast

what size are the csm squads?

I'm sure you have your reasons, but not tempted by a unit or 2 of Thousand suns?

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While I obviously dig the Tzeentch theme I have to say this to you: get a unit of Tsons if you can manage it. Unbelievable sick now and worth every point imho. Also, spawn SUCK. I do mean SUCK. 80pts for 2 models with no save is a total waste dude. And at I3 they will be going after quite a few things in CC as well. Tried them a few times and they are just NOT worth it, period. Popping a couple on the table thanks to Gift of Chaos is sweet but paying 40pts each is not. Trust me on this one :)

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Urm wraith i think the point of spawns is to support your CSM in CC, while in the fray of things they give support attacks while the thinking is since a indivudual squad of spawn can be dealt with easily the bigger threat is the CSM and hopefully have attacks allicated against the CSM, so have them lurk following behind a rhino heading to the enemy, they're hard to control but there are ways to use em, now 40 points for them... not sure about a way around that :lol: and as for the Tsons squad i think elch is sticking to his fluff... i think
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