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I was thinking about if I should start my very first army ,but
I dont know where to start though. So I was wondering If any one would
be kind enough to show me where to start, because I dont know
what to do.I dont know any good place to buy the 40k things at or anyone who reads this would be kind enough to spare some parts if you have any laying around that you are not going to use that would be very kool.

my email is [email protected]
just in case :wink:

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That is a tough question. It largely depends on funds. Like most hobbies, 40k can be an expensive hobby. Very expensive. And starting is probably the hardest part.

There are a number of ways to get started.

What interests you army-wise?

Supersoldier who are the bastions of honor and glory?
Space Elves?
Wild Crazy kill-em-all Orks?
The dirty dog-soldier who is just a soldier trying to survive?
A ravening horde of vicious bugs intent of absorbing all life?
Cold-Undead-like machines intent on extinguishing all life?
The list goes on.

Many people start with Space Marines. They are plentiful as minis. The Battle For Macragge set comes with everything you need for you and an opponent to start playing 40k. One of you would essentially start out with Space Marines, the other with Tyranids. It comes with a rules only mini-version of the main book. $45. (there is also a version that has paints and all which is slightly more)

That's probably the easiest way to start.

You can also pick up a main-book and design a force of your own with that army's codex. $50 for the mainbook and $22-ish for the codex. Then you'd build up your army box or blister at a time. The box size will vary.

In general, the larger the box, the more expensive it is... the cheaper per fig it is.

For example you can buy a whole army boxed set on occasion, and the price per fig is cheaper, but the box'll cost maybe $200. This box includes boxes of troops, elites, usually a heavy and hq, sometimes fast attack choices. Buying these individually is pricy, but if that's what you can afford, that's what you can afford.

You can get deals online from vendors like The Warstore and others (CCG ARMORY), etc.
Ebay is useful too...as is Bartertown.

I hope this has given you an idea of what to do, where to go and what you're looking at from a realistic point of view.


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I would suggest that you get the Battle for Macragge box. This will give you the rule book, dice, blast templates, some terrain pieces, and some marines and tyranids.

From here; i would suggest choosing a marine codex. You can go to a local GW shop and flip through the different army books. The BfM box will give you a full ten marine tactical squad which can be from any chapter. The basic marine codex gives you a huge amount of options, but Dark Angels would have the longest shelf life, as it has just been redone with the upcomming 5th edition rules in mind. (though you could save some money by going with Blood Angels as it is available as a free download - also redone for 5th).

Marines are a great force to use to learn the game. They have heavy armor, and can absorb a bunch of fire and still survive. They also do well at both shooting and HTH fighting so you can experience both with success. Each unit is a bit more expensive (points wise)than other armies; so an 1850pt army, will have less models to build and paint, and likely a bit less expensive (money wise) than some of the other options.

But the best bet is to flip through the books, watch some games, get an in-store demo, so you can see the basics. What ever you do; pick something that you feel that you will enjoy painting as well as playing.
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