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I am THINKING about putting my Emperor's Children up for sale but wanted to get an idea for what they would be worth. Just a "ballpark" would be appreciated.
MOST are painted to a very high standard and 99% are very unique and customized. There is a LOT of Forgeworld stuff and random bits mixed in, NOTHING is "stock" and all are painted to match and look like a cohesive force so even though they are modeled as "Berzerkers" etc they look like they belong with the rest of the EC force. If you search for posts by me you can see the paintjobs on these, not GD or anything but deff above "tabletop".

Thanks for looking!

10 Berzerkers (Champ w/ PW)
10 Plague Marines (Champ w/ PW and combi melt, 2 plasma guns)
10 Raptors (champ w/ TLC)
4 Standard Bearer CSM/Noise Marines
4 Noise Marine Champs (using the EC Lord fig, PW/PF with Sirens)
24 Noise Marines (all modeled w/sonic blasters and the current champ siren as backpacks)
8 Noise Marines w/ Blastmasters (I used as "counts as" for HWs)
8 Noise Marines w/ Bolters
1 Sorcerer Lord (Wings, Demon Wep, Plasma)
1 Kharne (total conversion)
1 Lord in Termie Armor w/ TLC
4 Termies (3 TLC, 1 CBolter&LC)

10 Primed Termies (magnetized weapon arms, latest plastics with lots of slaaneshi mods)
30 Primed Slaaneshi modeled CSM (lots of possesed bits and greenstuff mods, mixed weapons with melta Guns, Heavy Bolters, Plasma Guns included)
2 Chaos Spawn Bare
3 Chaos Rhinos w/ FW doors Primed
1 Chaos Predator w/FW doors Primed
1 CSM Land Raider w/FW doors Primed
2 Defilers both modified, 1 w/ 4 DCC, 1 with removable HBolter/reapers/HFlamers and a DCC Bare
22 Bare Metal OOP Demonettes (the most recent sexy ones)
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