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No. Ogres got a rank boost and the new magic items are quite useful but they're no better than orcs toughness wise and with the inability to get saves combined with low initiative means they will take a lot of hits long before you get a chance to kill stuff.
Any full strength infantry unit should be able to see off roughly equal points worth of ogre's.
Gnoblar tarpits and scrap launchers are a lot more useful than they were (but they are the least appealing models to assemble/paint) hopefully ogres will get a new book soon to address these problems but armies like Empire, skaven any elves even woodies will tear ogres a new one the only armies that find it harder are Dwarves (although their artillery will hurt more) and lizzies undead and possibly brettonian as they are all either low init or struggle to cause enough wound to make a difference.
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