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Personally, I'd do one for every major battle. Obviously, its film based so that would look to me like:

Last Alliance:
1 Base each of Elves with Glaives, Elves with Spear and Shields, Elves with Arrows. 1 Base Numenoreans with Swords and Shields, 1 Base with Spears and Shields, 1 Base of Archers. Plastic versions of Isildur, Elrond, Elendil, and Isildur, Elven Banner, Numenorean Banner.

2 Bases orcs with 2H Weapon, 2 Bases Orcs with Shields, 2 Bases Orcs with Spears, 2 Bases Orcs with Bows, Sauron, 6 Orc Captains, 3 Orc Banners

Helms Deep
4 Bases Rohan Infantry (Bow, Javelin/Spear+Shield, 2x Axe and Shield), 2 Bases Royal Guard, Gamling with Banner, Theoden, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Haldir, 2 Bases Armoured Elven Archers, Gandalf, Eomer, 4 Bases Riders, Mounted Banner

Against 12 Bases Uruks (4 Crossbow, 4 Pike, 4 Sword and Shield), 6 Captain, 6 Banner

The Black Gate
Aragorn the King, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Imrahil, Eomer, Gamling, Pippin, Merry all on foot, 1 Base SKoDA, SKoDA banner, 2 Bases Gondor Infantry, Banner, 2 Bases Rohan Infantry, Banner (all melee), Eagle

Nazgul on Fellbeast, 2x Armoured Troll, 2 Bases Uruk 2H Weapon, 2 Bases Snaga Archers, 3 Bases Orc Swords, 3 Bases Orc Spears

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