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Hello everybody ,
And here is that I migrated here to you ask advice
I have notice that I had problems to create optimized and/or effective lists for my armies and that after the second turn of game I had lost 80 % of my troops.
Then you whom would make you with figurines below (it is all what I have in stock) to face TAU/Necron that is aggressive
Ps, yes it one is copied / stuck by what I have write for tyranid or opposite but it is the same situation then PLEASE please, don't hold it against me :p

- HQ
1x Avatar
4x farseer (To be exact 1x farseer+ 3x warlocks)

- Elites
10x fire dragon + 2x exarchs
5x scorpions + 1 exarchs
7x harlequins + 1 shadow seer + 1 death jester + 1 great harlequins

- Troops
10x Rangers/scouts
17x dire avengers + 3x exarchs

- Fast
1 Crimson hunter
5x shining spears + exarch

- Heavy support
4x dark reapers + exarch
1 wraithknight
1 wraithlord
1 fire prism
2x war walker
1 Falcon

- transpot
1 wave seprent

And with all this material/equipment I thought that I still needed is a Lord Of War (1xLYNX) and/or a squadron of Hornet :crazy::crazy::crazy:

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8 Harlequins with upgrade to Shadowseer and 8 Harlequin's Kisses

9 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent with Twin-Linked Scatter Lasers and Holo-Fields

9 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent with Twin-Linked Scatter Lasers and Holo-Fields (proxy Falcon)

10 Rangers

Crimson Hunter

6 Shining Spears with Exarch with Hit and Run and Star Lance

Wraithknight with Suncannon, Scattershield and Scatter Laser

Fire Prism with Holo-Fields

5 Dark Reapers with Exarch with Fast Shot and Tempest Launcher

2000pts almost exactly. Not *brilliant*, but could be a lot worse (Harlequins need a transport, really, and the Dark Reapers are a bit eh but the rest of the army's not bad).

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Changed title to English to aid click through.
Sorry in the heat of the moment I had forgotten to translate it.... :biggrin:
Thank you for having made it :so_happy:

Midnight Sun : I am surprised for the Harlequins
V2 I always used them but in V7 I found that they did not serve any more has nothing
In all I really like your list
I see that I made many errors as by spending many points on just one unit ( ex 10x fire dragons+wave+farseer)

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I forgot to join(contact) the answer in the previous text....:biggrin:
Of the blow would be it not better to leave avengers' squad on foot to allow in Harlequins to have a transport????
I don't think so - Dire Avengers on foot have very little impact on the game due to Eldar's fragility and short-range weapons, while Harlequins at least have Fleet, Flip Belts and the Shadowseer's Veil of Tears to help them out.

Eldar combat units are pretty poor in general - only Striking Scorpions are really any good, and even then, it's rare I can find the points to add a squad after getting the more important ranged elements for Eldar.
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