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I want to say that the general atmosphere of WH40k is a long, endless, grinding war. It's hopeless. Even if you were to try with all your might, all you could gain is another day of suffering.

Wars here aren't over in a blink of an eye. In the Imperial Guard Codex they talk about sending additional reinforcements to a particular sector. It then goes on to say "Victory expected sometime towards the end of the 42nd millennium." Think about that. We went from small city states to exploring our solar system in 2000 years. They're expecting to fight this war for most of our modern history.

And quite frankly, there has to be deadlocks. Otherwise one side will annihilate another and then we'd have some very unhappy customers. "Why did they seal away most of the Necron tomb worlds!?!" "What do you mean the Tau got exterminated by 14 marine chapters?" "You're saying the entire Eldar race sacrificed themselves to seal away Tzeentch!?!"

Also all the matrix-level bullet dodging the Imperium is adding to the atmosphere. "Well, that bought us some time...but how much? And, oh God, that thing over there is coming back to rape us!"

If I had to change anything, though, it would be to throw some real threats at the Tau. I'd love to see their Greater Good buckle under the weight of pragmatism.
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