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What Would The Gender Of A Slannesh Lord Be?

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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Hi guys.

I was reading the Index Astartes entry for Emporers Children just now. Although it is obviously out of date I was still looking at the rules modifications and I came across the paragraph for the Lord/Deamon Prince. What interested me was this line, and I qoute

"Warbands of the Emporers Children are invariably led by a highly charaismatic champion of Slaanesh who has earned the mark of his OR her god"

Now bearing in mind that almost all of the Champions will be of Space Marine origin and therefore male, what would you classify a Lord who looks female?. I mean thats the main way of telling a Slaanesh character isn't it, if its pink and has tits its Slaanesh.

So what is it?


(Obviously its not that important and only matters from a fluff point of veiw and even then not really, so no getting all worked up about it.)

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I think they are one "sex" in appearance--hair length/hand, face, body structure/etc.

But, they are able to do...stuff both sexes can do.

Cuz if you Slaaneshi and you have breasts but want a penis on your head, then so be it. :lol:
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