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What would Codex Inquisition look like?

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I decided to google for codex : Inquisition and the 6th hit down was quite a funny read.

Codex : Inquisition

Over the past few months people have been talking about what will be in the Inquisition codex thats coming (sooner or later), some say it will be Codex Grey Knights while others say it will be a combined book in one way or another.

This fan made codex was quite an interesting read, I really liked the Sisters of Battle section because allot of the changes I personally would like to see were in it. So Im not the only one who thinks Repentia and Arco should get FNP :D

Anyways, Im posting it here in case anyone is bored enough to take a look.

I really think it brings into perspective what it would take to make a combined codex, you could easily turn it into 3 separate codicies .

Its basically a combined WH/DH codex with radicals thrown in for good measure.
I dont remember seeing the ally rule but Mystics are still there.
Loads of allied units were in it though, even orcs, eldar and tau for you radical inquisitors.

This fandex was pretty awesome I must say. If GW made a codex like this I think they would sell ALLOT of models because you would have 1 dex that allowed you to take units from allot of different armies.

Its fan made, in no way official and should be treated as such. Enjoy
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Thats a super dex, but its too big, it needs serious streamlining.

I like alot of the ideas about Grey knights and inducted guardsmen, especially the point breaks! The psymissile a good idea as well. but I think its way too big to be 1 dex
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