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What would be your dream starter set?

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One day 6th Edition will be here (knowing GW it'll be around the 2012-2013 date mark) and I can't imagine they won't release a starter set as they've done with 3rd, 4th, and 5th Edition, so what would your dream starter set be?

Personally I'd love to see Imperial Guard and Eldar.
20 Guardsmen, Command Squad, Heavy Weapon Squad, and a Sentinel for the IG; and a squad of Dire Avengers, Autarch, 3 Jetbikes, and a Wraithlord for the Eldar

I was trying to be realistic with what they could fit in the box as I doubt they could fit a Chimera/Leman Russ, or Falcon Grav Tank in the box.

[Before anyone says it, yes we know Space Marines will be one of the forces in the eventual set but this is 'wish' thread]
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Eldar VS Necrons - fits well with both armies with the story lines and would allow for plastics of certain units that need it ie; they could put wraithguard or banshees in it and for the necrons wraiths and immortals (well atm they could put anything in it and it would make it a plastic set)
I quite like this combo.
Perhaps something like...

Space Elves
Plastic Farseer
10 Dire Avengers or Guardians
5 Howling Banshees or Harlequins

Space Robots
Plastic Lord
10 Warriors
5 Immortals or Pariahs
3 Destroyers or 1 Heavy Destroyer
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They wouldnt have 12 Berzerkers, they would have 8.
And there is no way they would put 3 Obliterators in there.
Imperial Guard vs Dark Eldar.
Be good if it had an IG Chimera in it. Could do with some half-price Chimeras.

Not that they are expensive individually, but when you need at least a dozen of them the cost adds up.:(
Wayland Games is your answer..half price almost.
I get them from Maelstrom, works out cheaper again.
But even so, it is still stupidly expensive for a Mech IG list. :(
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