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What would be your dream starter set?

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One day 6th Edition will be here (knowing GW it'll be around the 2012-2013 date mark) and I can't imagine they won't release a starter set as they've done with 3rd, 4th, and 5th Edition, so what would your dream starter set be?

Personally I'd love to see Imperial Guard and Eldar.
20 Guardsmen, Command Squad, Heavy Weapon Squad, and a Sentinel for the IG; and a squad of Dire Avengers, Autarch, 3 Jetbikes, and a Wraithlord for the Eldar

I was trying to be realistic with what they could fit in the box as I doubt they could fit a Chimera/Leman Russ, or Falcon Grav Tank in the box.

[Before anyone says it, yes we know Space Marines will be one of the forces in the eventual set but this is 'wish' thread]
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Squats Vs Chaos dwarves!
but like, IG Vs somehting...maybe even...IG VS ULTRASMURFS
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