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What Unit(s) do you find to be 'Broken'?

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So, as an additional foray into the collective minds of the Heresy community.

I wish to ask you all this question "What Unit(s) do you find to be 'Broken'?"

For the Record I DO NOT mean to imply that the only things 'broken' are over powered units, but more in line of a "Man, this unit sounds/looks/feels really cool/neat/fun but for whatever reason, I don't play/have them." attitude. NOTE This is not a place to mention the Decurium & the like.

Also how would you go about "fixing" them?


Unfortunately mine tend to revolve around game play issues

For example the CSM Mutilators: Initial thought, hey Close combat Oblitorators!? COOL!!!!!!... Those models though ...eww...and I can't reuse the same special weapon 2 turns in a row?...eww...

FIX: Either buy 3rd party models/pray that GW will redo these and the Oblits to be in plastic (They are still in finecast last I checked) and be a combo box - or at the rules change, at least allow them to utilize whatever weapon they wish (Assuming that assault remains handicapped).

Rough Riders (Imperial Guard - bescause I'm not spelling the other words) - Models? Check; uniqueness in army (CC threat) check. Rules...ehhhh...

Simple change: either grant the Riders a reusable hunting lance (it's currently a one use only weapon that they use when THEY charge) so that they can use it on multiple charges, or simply make it a power lance. I actually prefer the former vs the later here.

Leman Russ: minor issue.

For the Main Battle tank (or at least the variants that have a "ordinance" weapon) return to the lumbering behemoth rule of the 5th ed IG codex.


So let's hear your 'broken' units.
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Gabriel Seth- Blood Angels Lord Of War
Model- I like it a lot (I think)
Rules- he's on foot, so can't role with any of my jump pack assault units, and all our transports hold 10 (shy of land raiders) so it'd be a 9man squad with him. His sword is AP4, but bearable
Fix- maybe make him a HQ? Defiantly give him a jump pack.

The biggest problem is just getting him a squad to pimp with :(
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