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So, as an additional foray into the collective minds of the Heresy community.

I wish to ask you all this question "What Unit(s) do you find to be 'Broken'?"

For example the CSM Mutilators: Initial thought, hey Close combat Oblitorators!? COOL!!!!!!... Those models though ...eww...and I can't reuse the same special weapon 2 turns in a row?...eww...

FIX: Either buy 3rd party models/pray that GW will redo these and the Oblits to be in plastic (They are still in finecast last I checked) and be a combo box - or at the rules change, at least allow them to utilize whatever weapon they wish (Assuming that assault remains handicapped).
I think obliterators need more than that.
- I would also remove 'slow and purposeful'.
- And add 'move through cover'

Then they are still infantry, and relatively slow, but not totally gimped. They can sweeping advance and wouldn't be totally wrecked by charging units in cover. They still need to get there though.

Possessed are also pretty broken. Random traits are a dumb rule especially at this cost. (Random quantity like spawn attacks are ok and can be managed, but random abilities just annoys me.)

Or allow some purchasible abilities in addition to the random ones.

Or OR, have a constant stat line with abilities, plus purchased abilities, and every turn roll for random abilities. Roll D6,
1 - (demonic struggle: the possessing daemons lash out at the vessels attempting to break out) unit takes D3 str 4 hits, armor saves as normal
2-5 - (the entities are quiescent) nothing happens
6 - (the daemons hunger: the possessing daemons expend power enhancing their vessels) roll on the ability chart. Any added abilities persist for the remainder of the battle. (No statistic can be increased more than twice.)

1- cosmetic change no statistical benefit
2- +1 attack
3- +1 strength
4- +1 initiative
5- +1 weapon skill
6- +1 weapon skill and attack

Or perhaps only roll on the first table if the possessed are attacking or have been attached this round.

Give warp talons assault grenades.
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