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Assault Marines. A couple of Str4 attacks on Marine statlines just doesn't cut it - quite literally. There's also a lot of competition from Honour Guard and to a lesser extent Assault Terminators, who are really good assault units. They really need something extra, but I'm not sure what that extra would be. Give them Shred, let them one dude per 5 bring a special weapon of any type or a power weapon. That's be good. Vanguard are kind of in the same boat - giving them Shred, and perhaps a point reduction, and they'd probably be okay too.

Land Raider Phobos. Either do the whole 'it's fucking nails' route and give it Melta immunity or a 4+ Invuln, or make it a *lot* cheaper. 190pts would be fine. To a lesser extent, the Redeemer - it's pretty okay as is, but having to use PotMS to fire your Flamestorm Cannons because you can basically never hit the same unit with both due to them being a full 4"+ apart is a pain and you need to be facing someone who's made some serious mistakes ever to fire both. Not necessarily keeping their power; I'd be happy with them being Torrent Str5 AP4.
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