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What to buy - SM 1000 Pt List

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Preface: This list is about my figuring out what to buy to start making a competitive list out of the rabble of "neat" figures I've picked up so far. I've drummed up a midsize list taking what models I have and trying to think out how to make it decent tactically with my nonexistent Warhammer experience. Advice I'm looking for, what models to buy to "upgrade" this list or thoughts on the tactics you think I should use based on the list I'm posting here. (I know there's a tactics area but w/ advise on new models being more important to me I posted here (Posting two threads seemed silly but let me know if I'm in the wrong?))

HQ: 430 pts
Captain-140 pts
+Storm Shield
+Teeth of Terra
Command Squad-165 pts
+5 Combi-Flamers
Drop Pod-35 pts

Librarian-90 pts
+Master Lvl 2
+Bolter (No Bolt Pistol)

Troop: 344 pts
Tactical Squad-180 pts
+5 Marines
+Missile Launcher and Flak Missiles
+Plasma Gun
Rhino-35 pts

Scout Squad-94 pts
+Camo Cloaks
+Missile Launcher and Flak Missiles
+4 Snipers

Elite: 125 pts
Dreadnought-125 pts
+Twin Lascannon

Heavy Support: 135 pts
Vindicator-135 pts
+Siege Shield

Total:999 pts

Side Notes: I have enough Heavy Bolter guys to make an "Dakka Dev" squad (110pts) and I have a Predator w/ Autocannon and Heavy Bolters (100pts) Also have enough Tacs to make an unbound list that would outnumber an Astra List and a Squad of Assault Marines that I just haven't really looked at.

Tactics: Captain and Command Squad tie up enemy at spawn, giving the rest of my forces time to pick their ground and dig in. Vindicator draws fire (per tradition) while Dred blasts away at any real armored threats, and if they ignore the Vin...pie plates, pie plates everywhere. Scouts hold the "back nine objective" or just go hunting while Tacs get dug in round midboard w/ Libby working as a buff maker or fire support based on the enemy at hand. Biggest weakness I see is my lack of any real air power and a poor excuse for anti-air. (And the very real possibility of losing half my armies points if the dice gods don't favor the "here have my fire" HQ approach)

Eyeballing a Stormtalon but I know bikes are big and so are Termies with Ban Hammers and Super Shields. Thoughts?

Thanks in Advance,
Sir Bearicus
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It's an ok list, imo. the dreddy can really begone and be swapped for some bikers with meltaguns, much more resilent and tactical (jink 4+ , T5, 3+ save, 12"-24" mov...) also with meltaguns you really blast away any armour. a single lascannon is lacklustre at best.
I'd also drop the flak missile from everywhere since just 2 of those are not going to help you vs aircraft. You either have a reliable antiair or you are wasting points.
my two cents
(betray the emperor and play them as chaos renegades...) :biggrin:
nope, i think you should cut the dreddy and bring bikers :) if you want a vehicle go for a full laser predator, since you lack dedicated antitank
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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