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What qualifies people as a 'Veteran' Gamer?

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Its a phrase thats used a lot in the hobby.

What do you all think?

Do you have to remember pre-slotta base models, maurader minis and such or is it a mystic pre-determined length of service to the wallet emptying God that is our hobby?

Put your thoughts on it down and lets see what we get.
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It seems that we have a bit of dichotomy here: The Positive Influence Vet and the Beardy Asshole Vet.

Being stinky doesn't make you a vet, it makes you a gamer nerd of the lowest kind. The kind that gives the rest of us a bad name. :roll:

Charisma and being someone the other dweebs seek out doesn't make you a vet, it makes you charismatic. In a group where social skills are somewhat retarded, the average man is king! :lol:

I'd say being knowledgeable of the game outside of your single army, codex, rule-set. Having wider experience beyond assembling and painting, converting one army. understanding differences between game versions, recognizing the figures from pretty much any army (not necissarily knowing all about them, but recognizing them all on sight). Having a basic understanding of the fluff of all the armies. Being a subject matter expert on your one chosen army.
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you're a veteran 40k gamer when you still try to take terminator saves on 2d6.
Does being the Supreme Commander of the Forces Of Disorder(I command 4 people) at my local gaming store count as being a veteran? Ive played two armies seriously and I am starting my third, converted many a model, and some of my best ones put people in awe (not exagerating) despite only playing for 1 year and 7 months. (with a 3 month gap in the middle)

do i qualify??
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