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What magic items

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What magic items from the rulebook can I give my oldblood to make him really cheesy
Id like a combat one and a defensive one
And what about a combaty woodelf highborn
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WE don't really do combat that well, but if building for combat I would go defensive- annoyance of netlings, armour of silvered steel, merciw's locus and regeth's wildfire blades or warrior bane.
That gives you
- opponent only hits you on a 6+ in challenges
- 2+ save (shocking on a WE)
- no strength bonuses from magic/non-magic weapons for you or anyone hitting you
- flaming attacks and +1attack or loss of attacks for characters/monsters per wound inflicted
Thats quite nasty for a Wood Elf lord
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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