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I honestly feel that the generic SM codex is completely undeserving of that title. It's up to the individual to spice up their own army and playing a specific chapter can help with that a lot. For instance, a Khan list with all bikes, or a Vulkan list that focuses on tons of flamer/melta/TH weaponry. It really is a great codex imo and there are tons of options available in it to make varied lists.

I love the space wolves codex personally because it is one of the most competitive out there and can field lots of different options that make strong lists. I'm a fairly competitive player so I was attracted to the codex quickly and I have not looked back. I run a razorwolves list and I have to say that my gunline rivals many IG gunlines as its packed with tons of missile launchers, lascannons, plasma and the amazing rune priest shooting powers.

The BA codex also has tons of sweet options you can take and I would deem it the most "different" of the SM codexes. All jump armies I've seen do very well and there fast vehicles make for some really cool blitzkrieg like lists. They have numerous great options like Mephiston, sang priests, Dante, fast vindicators, etc.

I can't really comment on the Black Templars or Dark Angels codexes as I have not played them nor have I seen someone else play them. All I can really say is what I've heard and read about from others and that is that they aren't very competitive at all. As you can probably tell I'm kind of a competitive player and when a codex has only one viable list then I tend to steer clear from it unless I want to play it solely for fun. From what I understand it's either LR spam for the BT or doublewing for the DA.

I think Chaos Marines would make for a fun army as well. Their myriad troop choices are all pretty cool and making a theme army can be both fluffy and semi-competitive which is nice. It's a shame that their latest codex was gutted versus the previous one however. I read that previous codex a couple days ago and HOLY SHIT it was awesome. Perhaps it was a little complicated for newer players but allowing for unique rules for each different legion was sooo cool and the sheer amount of options astounded me. I would let any player facing me use that codex just because it is so cool.
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