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'Game of the Month' is a feature in which each month a different Non-GW game system has its own bitesize review including an introduction to the game and its creators, an overview of the Gameplay, some information on the miniatures involved accompanied by pictures, a list of stockists and a rating out of 10.

These reviews are written by myself however we would like to allow the community of Heresy-Online to become more involved where possible. For example, you might well be a loyal player of a system to be reviewed in the future such as Confrontation and might know a lot more about it than I do. Therefore not only would you get the chance to become involved but you would also be making that Months review that extra bit better.

It's really simple, here's how things will work out. If you play or know anything worth adding about a particular game and would like to help out in writing a review for it then simply post in this thread or contact me via PM about what game you're interested in helping out with, what you know about it, how you can help out etc. and then we can discuss from there.

What we're looking for from you (if you are interested) is pretty much the following. If you have any pictures of completed miniatures from a specific game or some WIP pictures of models from that game you're very welcome to send them to me. You might just have a Battle report that you would like to be included, this is fine! You also may want to write a brief history about the game? Or perhaps you know a LOT of different independent stockists whom hold products for that game? Or even a brief tactica? Anything about the game in question can be submitted if you like. If it's good, it'll be added. If it's not so good and needs improving you'll be told what needs improving so you can edit it where needed.

So there you have it, if you do by any chance play any of these games and are interested in getting involved and helping out, feel free to post about it here or Private Message me on the matter.

(credits will be given to everyone taking part and reputation awarded)

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