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Hello everyone!
I'm a warhammer fan since I was child so I have kept on collecting miniatures for many years randomly just to paint them. Finally, I decide to start a serious (chaos) army to play with. See, please, what I have got and suggest me which models I should buy (or drop) to set up a decent 2000 pt army list. My purpose is to have a good army for random games with friends, so nothing really super competitive. Thank you!

Lords/ Heroes:

1xDaemon Prince
1xTzeentch lord/hero/sorcerer on a flying disc
1xKhorne lord/hero on a demoniac mount
1xKhorne hero


16xChaos warriors
5xMarauder Horsemen


1xChaos chariot
3xChaos ogres
5xChaos Knights


1xChaos Spawn

One more thing: as you may see I really like Khorne/Tzeentch theme, so possibly I would focus on these (great) gods :victory:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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