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Looks like a very bright silver with blue to me - white with blue trim would be too much like a bunch of other Marine chapters, in my opinion (Praetors of Orpheus spring to mind as one, I'm sure there are others).

I'd do it how I did my GK; black undercoat, basecoat Leadbelcher, wash it Drakenhof Nightshade (probably Nuln Oil in this instance - for GK you want blue steel but for Astral Knights, you don't want the trim to match the armour), layer it Ironbreaker, edge highlight Runefang Steel. For the blue, I'd be tempted to do a darker blue than in the picture; light blue and white has never worked for me as a colour scheme, whether it's Marines Errant in 40k, Azorius in MTG, or whatever. Macragge Blue in a couple of coats to make sure it's solid, edge highlight Calgar Blue.
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