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What colour is Plasma?

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A quick question Heretics, mainly for the old and bold amongst you. Can anyone confirm what colour signified plasma weapons? Most people including myself have painted the blue/white glow on plasma weapons but IIRC, in RT, it may have been signified with purple, now I'm painting my marines purple so a purple glow on plams guns may be too much, but if anyone could confirm that for me it would be greatly appreciated, I think other heavy weapons may have had a colour code too, be nice to work it into the theme of the force, many thanks in advance Oldman xoxox
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There's never been something so formal as "blah is color x." I think a lot of people paint plasma guns blue because they look good that way-- but if you think that yours look better in purple then purple it is! At the end of the day, it's about what you think looks good.
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