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We all know Guard blobs are a brilliant place to put buff characters.

What are the most ridiculous, silly, or brutal combos you can think of?

1. Melee Guard
DA: Azrael
BA: Chaplain, Sanguinary Priest
IG: 50 Guardsmen, Power Axes on the Sergeants
=I=: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Rad Grenades and Psychotroke Grenades

50 Fearless Guardsmen with 4++, Hatred and Feel No Pain giving out -1 Toughness and a random debuff in the first round of combat.

2. Anvil
IG: 50 Guardsmen, 5 Lascannons, 5 Plasma Guns
=I=: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor with Mastery 1 and Psyocculum
Dataslate: Cypher

50 Guardsmen with heavy weapons and special weapons, with Shrouded, Hit and Run, Prescience and BS10 against any unit containing a Psyker.

3. Whack-a-mole
IG: 50 Guardsmen with 5 Flamers
GK: Draigo
DA: Belial
SM: White Scars Techmarine

50 Guardsmen with some flamers who Deep Strike with no scatter every turn, with Hit and Run from the Techmarine to try and ensure they can jump away every turn. Yes, this is a joke unit. But it's AWESOME.

4. Angry Guardsmen
IG: 50 Guardsmen with Power Axes on Sergeants
BA: Enough Librarians to get Unleash Rage from the BA table
GK: Brotherhood Champion (could use a Librarian to save points - he's only here for Hammerhand - but that'd stop you being able to Sweeping Advance)
=I=: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Liber Hereticus, Rad Grenades and Psychotroke Grenades
Daemons: Skarbrand

So you get your 50 dudes. You put Skarbrand further than 6" away but within 24" to give them all Rage and Hatred but avoiding One Eye Open. The BA Librarians cast Unleash Rage, giving them +1 attack. BroChamp casts Hammerhand taking them to Str5 (6 on the Sergeants). The Inquisitor takes your opponent down -1 Toughness + Psychotroke debuff. They kill 55 Marines on the charge.

That's all I got. How silly can you be, Heretics?

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Unless the techmarine can go on a bike, don't bother - put in a Bike Chaplain instead. That way they can jink. Yes. Jinking Terminators.
Are you sure that Jink applies across from models that don't have it? I don't have my rulebook on me, but that's huge if it's the case. I chose a Techmarine simply because he's the cheapest Imperial character with Hit and Run, to my knowledge.

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Perfect gate blob is especially silly, although my god you are asking to get murdered by templates. I can't think of any significant advantages over a centurion star.
Yep, Templates ruin you, as do good armies.

Cypher however... that's amazing! A bit expensive but ATSKNF, shrouded and hit & run are huge for a blob. Gotta keep those lasguns firing! Although as you mentioned a 60pt white scars librarian gets you almost just as much, the important stuff anyway.
Shrouded's the huge one, to be honest. ATSKNF and Hit and Run are just nice buffs to have as well.

The skaarbrand trick is definitely the cleverest. However I think rage is wasted. It's almost always better to get a round of extra lasgun/lascannon fire in, plus a round of overwatch instead of charging. Charging opens yourself up to reduced damage output because most of your attacks are coming in at i3 and i1.
Well yeah, but your half naked Kanak Skull Takers regiment armed with axes and rocks aren't going to want to shoot the lasguns that the Munitorum gave them when they can charge and be strictly more awesome.

The moral of this post? Infantry blobs LOVE divination. The massive model and weapon count in conjunction with orders gets the most benefit out of those buffs so stack 'em high!
Not wanting to sound rude, but we kinda already know Guard blobs are good and have been really good since the start of 6th. Attaching a Divination psyker, a Leadership buffer and a Priest is good, sure, but everybody knows that it's good and you stick it down and be obnoxious and shoot bullets at people. That's pretty boring, in my book. 50 Guardsmen with Str5 Rage and Hatred charging you (using Chaos Marauder models with Flails for extra lulz) is way cooler.
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