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"DEM SPOIKY LIEK MUHREENZ BE A GUD ARMEH TO PLAY" Is how it would sound if I was an ork with my speech impediment

When it comes to a new army, its best to look around and maybe borrow some codices from friends (better yet, ask to try out their army) and you will eventually find one that fits your niche

The space marines, and chaos space marines have a wide variety (more-so on the SM side) and can fill quite a few niches but being space marines, alot of people aready have them and youll be "another marine lover"
Luckily the chaos marines give you a nice dose of marine sexyness as well as being SO MUCH COOLER (coolness has a price, the chaos marines give lots up to be this cool mang)

But every army can be a new army, read about them, borrow armies, read their codex. There is no BEST army (though space marines and tyranids are currently at the top because they are the most updated, they get updates to counter other armies first, thus they always get to be better at some point, but don't let this fool you) Even dark eldar, still in 2nd edition (the game is not 5th edition) are still a terrifying race in the hands of a master (oh this that a landraider? DARK LANCE HAR HAR!)

as some one said before, there is a nice thread on the forums that helps you pick your army, good hunting
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