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What are additional tools I need?

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Hi guys, I have most of the tools but I keep hearing people talking about new tools and how I need them when I get my first metal miniatures. So with that said here are the tools I currently have:

Superglue, files, hobby knife, paint, paintbrush, cutter, pva glue, primer (white and black) and i believe that about it.

Here are the tools I don't have:

Dremel, sand paper, pin vice, hobby drill and magnet, green stuff, putty, SAW, scupting tool, basing material.

Can you guys tell me what each of the above tools do and if you can tell me of any other tools I need.

Also what are people using in this video to make the base stick to the paint pot for easy painting?

Also what other material I can use to make the base stick to the paint pot and still be able to remove it? Also is stable enough where the base don't move.

With regard to basing material, what brand do I use and where can I buy them for cheap? Do I use real sand or fake sand (same with grass, etc...)?

One more thing I would like to ask, when you paint the miniature, do you paint it before you add in the weapon and other things, or do you glue each parts in place before you paint, if so how do you paint inside the same crevice?

Lastly does SIMPLE GREEN strip paint from plastic (snap-fit figure)?

Thanks guy

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Dremel is good for cutting through metal and sanding off details.
fine grit sand paper is handy for filing off rough edges.
pin vice or hobby drill is useful for pinning metal pieces together or drilling out gun barrels
Green stuff is good for gap filing and depending on how talented you can create details with it.
basing material I just use real regular sand. It is free if you go to the corner of a parking lot you will find usually a nice pile of it that is perfect for basing.

Blu-tac is great for sticking things together temporary. In the video they are using millput which is a UK version clay or blue tac.

Painting is a personal choice that can be done either way. Some people paint on the sprue. I do partially assemble most of the model before I paint then add the arms and gun later.

Yes simple green does strip paint off plastic.

Good luck and post some pics as you get going.
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