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Hey there, I am thinking of starting an eldar army.

People keep banging on about how awesome the wave serpents are and that they can put out such awesome firepower. They also seem to swap out the TL shuriken cannon for the scatter laser and then swap the shuriken catapult for the shuriken cannon. So presumably they are using the scatter laser to make the shuriken cannon TL. But they had a TL shuriken cannon anyway!?

Even with the set up scatter laser and shuriken cannon, doesn't put out a huge amount of shots.

What am I missing? I am assuming there's something I am not seeing....

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Serpent Shield - Str7 AP- Heavy D6+1 Ignores Cover.

A truly incredible gun for killing light armour, and you can get a huge number of shots with enough Wave Serpents which, while not the greatest quality firepower, are high rate of fire and at high strength and mounted on a very durable platform.
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