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Hello folks, cleaning out my workshop and heres what i got

x3 GW VC skelitons kits, unopend
x1 GW zombies kit, unopend
x1 VC codex, good condtion
x1 Vlad von carstein, good condtion, unbent, unopend
x19 GW Orcs with addational choppas,assambled,unpainted,lightly kit bashed with 40k bits
x8 assembled VC skelitons, champion and muscain, with hand weapons and sheilds
x20 AoBR ork boys, with bases, unpainted (some have been stripped)
x5 AoBR nobs, with bases, unpainted
x3AoBR deffkoptas, unpainted, unassembeld
x3 'Nid guants, assembled,unpainted,with bases (1 termeaguant 2 homogaunts)
x1 half assembeld (main body) SM predator, with remaing parts and spures,
x3 IG stormtroopers, painted, with bases
x4 assault marines,painted, assembled
x2 Demon hunters Eversor assassins, painted, assembled, with bases
x1 vindicare assassain, painted, assembled, with base
x10 IG guardsmen with sergent, grenade lancher, and vox caster, stripped, assembled
x5 AoBR terms (with sergent) painted, assembled, with bases
x1 Space marine devastor with PC, assembled, painted
x1 Cadain sinper, assembled, painted
x1 Librarian Tigurius, painted, assembled
x1 Commisar Yarrick, painted, assembled, with base
x1Witch hunters priest with power sword, painted assembled
x3 Old school metal SM scouts, assembled, 2 unpainted, 1 painted
X1 Metal catchan commander wiht PF and bolter, assembled, painted
x1 Old school Metal commisar wiht PW and PF, painted, assembled
x1 Mordain officer, painted, assembled
x1 old school Metal SM chaplin, painted, assembled
x2 old school SM termis, painted, assembled
x1 Metal SM apocratarie, painted, assembled
x1 Lord solar machiurs, assembeld, stripped.
WFB night goblin short bows and hand weapons
WFB orge arms, weapons, gut plates, banners, champion bits, gnoblars, and heads
WFB VC spear arms
40k Ork heads, choppas , sluggas, and shottas
40k Nob bits, weapons, heads, armor plates

Okay that all i got for now. If your interested in anything please post here and ill send you prices. I take Paypal only and will ship to the UK provided the shipping cost dosnt out way the product vaule.
PM if you have any other questions.

Cheers all:)

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