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Hey guys so did a poll in the off topic and am going with warriors of chaos werewolves.

EVERYTHING MUST BE DOGGYSTYLE!!!!! pun may be intended lol.

But I will need your guys help I want the army to come out looking perfect, so the sculpts must be perfect so will need harsh criticism, and advice on what the units/models should look like from size to pose.

So here is what I am thinking so far.

Lords and heroes needed.
Daemon Prince: Think He should be the size of a current daemon prince just ripped.

Chaos Lord: Thinking of slightly larger then a chaos lord but smaller then daemon prince

Sorcerer: Very tiny small as a guardsman
No drawn pics yet "btw not all pics are mine" Thinking of a smaller thinner werewolf with a staff.



Marauders: Just like decribed taller then normal marauders but much thinner.
Thinking of emaciated werewolf nearly starved to death thin.


I have no idea...


Chaos Knights
Need these guys and have no Idea how to do them.

Dragon Ogres
No Idea's

Thinking of Cerbeus

Gorebeast Chariot
No ideas again.



Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
No Ideas

No Idea

Hell cannon
Just because I use 2 in my army and think I need them.


Vortex Beast

I am going to start work on the Chaos Lord tonight any idea on a pose/armament?

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YOu could probably take some ideas from the beastmen as for things to use. If they are chaos I don't see why you can't use a hellcannon. You might make it more of a wood basing than steel like the model. Cool idea for an army though.

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I am in the process of converting/painting up a Worgen/Werewolf mordheim list, using the Beastmen rules (since they're large, tough, and fast). I used the Circle Oroborus (sp?) Skinwalker models as my Gors, although they're more on par with 40k Terminators, they'd probably do you well for Warriors of Chaos with great weapons. For the Centigor, I started with a 40k Thunderwolf as the body, and used that as the lower body, and used a Skinwalker Alpha from the waist up connected to the thunderwolf's shoulders/head, to make a 'wolftaur'. Massive model, and heavy because the Alpha is pewter. Would probably make a great Dragon Ogre.

Honestly, Skaven models may work. Snip the tails, trip the front teeth, they probably look good as small lupine creatures.

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Xabre has a lot of the same ideas I did. A Leonie wolf-centaur would be a good way to go.

Chariots could be variations on a dog-sled. A regular chariot could be pulled by chaos hounds, the bigger chariot could either have flesh hounds or some giant daemonic wolves. Keep an eye on eBay for oop Leviathan models. They made some big daemon dogs/hounds which would work for a chariot.
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