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Hello there, if you're reading this thread then it's because you're interested in finding out more about the wonderfully different game of Malifaux!

What is Malifaux?

Malifaux is an alternate activation, 32mm scale, 2 player skirmish wargame produced by Wyrd Miniatures. Players construct "crews" to play with from one of the 6 game factions and then duke it out over their chosen mission on a 3'x3' playing surface.

The background of the game is based on an alternative Earth timeline featuring elements of steampunk & Victorian horror with a dash of the Far East and a pinch of the Old West. I know it sounds crazy but it is truly a wonderfully fun setting to play in and gives a huge variety of modelling and hobby opportunities.

The basic storyline is that all of the factions are fighting to gain control of the magical spiritstones which have fallen through the breach into the city of Malifaux. There's obviously a bit more to it then that, but if I tell it to you all now it'll spoil the fun of reading the awesome fluff in the source books!

The Factions

In Malifaux, there are 6 factions to choose your crews from, with each faction containing a number of "Masters" with different skills and attributes to build your crew around.

The factions are:

The Guild: Malifaux's lawbringers, the Guild are in overall control of the city and look to keep everyone in check.

The Guild have 3 main masters:

Lady Justice - Lady J loves to get up close and personal with the shambling hordes.

Perdita Ortega - Perdita and her family are masters of the long range alpha strike.

Sonia Criid - Sonia's a witch hunter, and what do we do with witches? That's right, BURN THEM!!!

The Resurrectionists: Foul necromancers, the "Ressers" use the power of the breach and the spiritstones to raise armies of the living dead!

The Ressers have 4 main masters:

Dr. McMourning - Actually the Guild's chief medical examiner, Dr McMourning enjoys nothing more then using his macabre skills to create minions for his own amusment.

Seamus The Mad Hatter - Seamus prowls the streets of Malifaux late at night, searching for his next victim...

Nicodem The Undertaker - Nicodem excells in summoning life from death, commanding legions of the undead.

Kirai Ankokou - The mistress of spirits, Kirai forms a bridge between this world and the next.

The Arcanists: Masters of magic and mechanisation, the Arcanists excel at the creation of mechanical contructs and the control of fierce beasts.

The Arcanists have 4 main masters:

Rasputina - The Snow Queen. Prepare yourselves for an icy reception.

Marcus - Master of beasts, he has a way with animals you wouldn't believe.

Ramos - Construct maestro and master of electricy, he loves his cyber spiders.

Colette Du Bois - Showgirl extraordinaire and mistress of sleight of hand. Now you see her, now you don't!

The Neverborn: The stuff of nightmares, the Neverborn prey on your fears and make things go bump in the night!

The Neverborn have 4 main masters:

Lilith - Queen of vampires and mother of monsters, she is nature's malevolence incarnate.

Pandora - The sure fire route to madness is through the content of Pandora's box...

Zoraida - The Swamp Hag Queen of Voodoo. You will do her bidding, whether you know it or not.

The Dreamer - There is nothing more terrifying that a frightened child's imagination. But where does imagination end and reality begin?

The Ten Thunders: Masters of infiltration, members of the Ten Thunders can be found embedded within the other factions, biding their time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike...

The Ten Thunders have 5 main masters:

Misaki - Mistress of the Ten Thunders, Misaki is an assassin without equal.

Lucas McCabe - A treasure hunter in the employ of the Guild, but McCabe's loyalties lie elsewhere.

Yan Lo - Trapped between the living and the dead, Yan Lo gravitates towards the necromantic activities of the Resurrectionists in search of peace and his ancestors.

Mei Feng - Mei Feng has a strong affinity to the myriad of constructs devised by the Arcanists, using them to get where she needs to be. FAST!

Jakob Lynch - A cunning card shark, but not is all as it seems with this Neverborn courting individual.

The Outcasts
: Mercenaries and guns for hire, the Outcasts are available to everyone. For the right price...

The Outcasts have 4 main masters:

Som'er Teeth Jones - Boss of the Bayou and chief of the Gremlins.

Leveticus - Master of steampunk necromancy. You will be assimilated...

The Viktorias - All you need to know about the Twins are they're trouble!

Hamelin - The pied piper, lord of plague and pestilence.

In addition to the main masters, each faction also has minor masters known as "henchmen" which aren't as powerful but tend to share some of the attributes of the main masters.

You then have the minions which make up the backbone of your crew list. Like other games, there are points values for each and caps on the amount of one type of minion that can be taken.

Getting Started

In order to play Malifaux, the following items are needed:

- 3'x3' playing surface with appropriate terrain
- a selection of models from your chosen faction from which to select your crew
- a tape measure with inch measurements
- a fate deck for each player

The Fate Deck & Cheating fate

In order to play Malifaux, dice are not used. Instead, each player uses a fate deck. Now, a fate deck is essentially a standard deck of playing cards which have had their suits replaced by malifaux specific suits but otherwise the numbering remains the same.
At the start of each turn, each player drawers a "control" hand of cards which can be used to alter the outcome of an attack or defense by replacing the card drawn from the main deck with one from their control hand. This is known as "cheating fate"
and can be used to increase or decrease the value drawn, depending on what the player wants the outcome to be. This is an important mechanic in Malifaux, as unlike in other games, you are able to attack models in your own crew if you wish.

Once you have all of the items needed, you can then start to play.

Before you begin to play, a points limit for the game is decided and then the deployment type and mission are chosen. Once these have been determined, the players pick their crews, specifically tailored to give them the best chance of winning.
One important thing to note is that any points left over after you've created you crew get added to your soulstone pool, the maximum size of which is determined by the master used. These soulstones an then be used to help you make sure your actions do what you need them to do by allowing you to add to you total.
Once the crews have been chosen, you may then choose "schemes" which will help you to gain VPs in order to try to win the game. These may be secret or declared but this is dependent on the scheme type.

The Game

Once crews are deployed and schemes chosen and control hands drawn, you are ready to begin. Each player draws a card from their fate deck. and the player with the highest card goes first.
This initiative draw is repeated at the beginning of each game turn and means you have to be on the ball with planning your actions as you're not guaranteed to go first in the next turn!
As mentioned earlier, Malifaux is an alternate activation game, so each player takes turns to activate one of their models at a time. Each model has 2 action points it can utilise to complete actions, including movement, spell casting and attacking. Some models have abilities and/or equipment which allows them to complete more then 2 actions.
Additionally, some models allow the controlling player to immediately activate another model after the first model's activation has been completed, but before their opponent starts their activation. The game turn continues until both players have completed all of their activations.
The game continues until one crew is dead, the main mission has been achieved or turn 8 has finished, but unlike other games, if one player hasn't got any models left, the remaining player can use the remaining turns to complete any schemes they have left if applicable.

Duels Using the Fate Deck

As mentioned before, the main game mechanic revolves around the fate deck and the basic process is shown in the example below:

- Player 1 has a model with a pistol which has an attack value of 4 and a damage profile of 1(weak)/3(moderate)/5(severe)
- Player 2 has a model with a defense value of 5

Player 1 states that his model will shoot his pistol at player 2's model.

Player 1 then draws a card from the fate deck. This card is an 11. The value of this card is added to the pistol's attack stat, giving player 1 a total of 15


Player 2 then attempts to defend. He draws a card from his fate deck. The value of player 2's card is a 3, giving a total of 8.


Currently, player 1 is winning the duel as his total is greater than player 2's. At this point, as the player with the lower score, player 2 has the option to try and "cheat fate" first and negate the oncoming damage to his model as his value is lower.
consulting his control hand, player 2 sees he has an 11 in his hand. He then chooses to replace the "3" he drew from the deck with the "11" from his control hand, giving him a new total of 16


Now player 1 has the choice to try and cheat fate himself to try and win the duel, or he can choose to concede this duel safe in the knowledge that though he hasn't actually caused any damage to player 2's model, he has forced player 2 to use a useful high value card from his control hand.

Player 1 decides that he really wants to cause some damage to player 2's model so he decides to cheat fate as he has a "13" in his control hand (lucky for some). This now leaves player 1 with a total of 17


Player 2 is unable to cheat again as each player may only cheat once during each duel and therefore he has lost the duel.

In order to determine what damage the pistol shot has caused, player 1 draws from his fate deck again. There are damage modifiers involved generally, but for the ease of explaining this example, let's assume that there aren't.

Player 1 draws a "6" on the damage flip. This causes "moderate" damage as stated on the card itself, and therefore the pistol causes 3 wounds to player 2's model.
Once you've gotten to grips with the whole card mechanic, it becomes quite intuitive and simple to play the game.

There's obviously a bit more to the game then what's been mentioned above, but as far as the basics go, that should be enough to pique your interest and give you an idea of how it all works.

If you want some good tacticas for each of the masters, and some ideas for good crew synergies, go and take a look at the Malifaux wiki over at http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/

And for general information, don't forget to visit http://www.malifaux.com & http://wyrd-games.net/forum.php

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Very nice introduction to Malifaux! Thanks for taking the time to write that.

I have spent an hour reading the rulebook tonight, mainly looking at the fluff behind the factions.
One thing I noticed is that Gremlins seem to be a faction in their own right now, when they once used to be part of the Outcasts. Is that correct?

I got hold of the Ophelia box set for about 7 quid at a second hand sale, just because it was cheap and I liked the look of the models. They seem like a really fun faction, with catapults that fire pigs! And I like how they all have a obsession for Moonshine...
I do really love the background setting to Malifaux, it's very weird and mixes loads of elements together, yet it really works well together; Wild West, Steampunk and fantasy/horror themes to name but a few. It kind of reminds me of Final Fantasy 7...

I think the fatedeck mechanic is actually quite easy to learn. I admit at first my head was spinning, but this was due to coming from playing 40k on and off for many years and being so used to using a dice based system. But it's making more sense now, and I think after a few more games it would start coming intuitively as you describe.

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With the introduction of Malifaux 2.0 they brought in a 7th faction the maniacal and slightly inbred gremlins.

With the new addition we see new masters for all our new favorite factions with some of the henchmen getting promotions

Full list follows

Lady J
Sonnia Criid
Lucius/ dual neverborn
McMourning/dual ressers
Mccabe/Dual ten t

Mcmourning/dual guild
Yan lo/dual ten t
Tara/ dual outcast

Zoraida/dual gremlins
Lucius /dual guild
Jacob lynch/ dual ten t

Mei feng/ dual ten t
Iron sides (new 2.0)

Von Schill
Tara/ dual resser
Jack daw
Misaki / dual ten t

Ten thunders
Misaki/ dual outcasts
Mei feng/ dual arcanists
Jacob Lynch/dual neverborn
Yan lo / dual ressers
Mccabe/ dual guild
Brewmaster/ dual gremlins
????? rumoured to be Misaki's father

Brewmaster/ten t
Zoraida/ neverborn
mah tucket

When I get more time I will put some bits more down on the boys, girls and inbreds either through playing them myself or from facing them.

Hands down love this game, been playing for 18 months henching for a bout a year and its now my main game system!

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Great write up +rep.

I love the look of malifaux. I have some of the minis and the ten thunders book. I've never tried the game (mainly due to struggling to find opponents for any game at the moment) but really want to.

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Well, I might try out the Malifaux vassal engine online, until I get my Guild crews painted so I can play (don't like playing with unpainted models) at my FLGS...Seems a good way to learn the rules better.

Maybe a thread dedicated to playing demo games on vassal would be a good idea? Somewhere where we can arrange games, as it seems a lot of people want to play Malifaux but can't find many people to play with.

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Great introduction, i've looked at the rules but the example with the cards really helps to visualize how it works.

I've considered getting a viktorias box on several occasions (to paint and possibly play), but i wasn't 100% in love with all the models. The 2.0 viktorias box looks perfect and it may just force me to pick it up.

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Malifaux 2.0

2.0 what is different?

There have been many changes between 1.5 and 2.0 but for me personally there has been 3 main issues addressed.

1. Soul stones
These have been radically changed, in 1.5 if you were a damage centric master either through melee, shooting or casting they were amazing, boosting your duel total to often unreachable amounts, support masters had less use for them.
They no longer add another card to your value and can be used in much more subtle ways which in my opinion is much better.

2. Balance
Not only have they done an excellent job balancing the masters, they have also done a great job in balancing factions. What’s more every master is more than capable of handling a strategy. In 1.5 this was not the case, partly due to in balances between book 1 and book 2 masters and hiring constrictions within factions.

3. How to win the game
Malifaux has always been about scoring vp to win the game not killing models (apart from certain missions which require this very thing . . .) but with 2.0 they have refocused this with scheme markers and more interact abilities. I have seen a couple of games were people have been wiped out to the man but have won because they have focussed on the actual mission. Of course this was prevalent in 1.5 but with more focus on schemes (netting you max 6vp in 2.0 compared to 1.5 of 4vp) it feels like a concerted effort to make it more about the strat and schemes rather than who is left standing.

Now there are many over differences between 1,5 and 2.0, vantage points, terror tests, casting duels, and much more but for me the aforementioned 3 are the best reasons why to start playing Malifaux again if you have had a hiatus or if you haven’t tried the game yet then to do so asap as you are missing out!

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2.0 rulebook is definite starting place, a pack of poker cards and i would say an arsenal pack for you chosen faction wouldn't go a miss (these are around 6quid mark and contain upgrade and stat cards for all models released so far for that faction) this isn't nec but much easy than flipping through the book
To answer your question about models, yes and no is the answer,
Officially only wave one models have official rules
But the beta wave 2 is out which has the remaining models in it, but these are being tweaked on a weekly basis.
Masters released for 2.0 wave 1 are as follows
Lady j
Von schil
Mei feng
Jacob lynch
Somer teeth
Brew master

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I've just got the 2.0 rulebook, and already had storm of shadows. I've got enough models to make a guild crew using the "Guild's Judgement" box and 3 riflemen.

I'm just a little confused because of the difference in style on the stat cards. The riflemen have a "Ca" stat, but the new 2.0 models don't have that on their cards. I assume that this will become clear once I've given the rules a read, it's just making me scratch my head right now.

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I've just got the 2.0 rulebook, and already had storm of shadows. I've got enough models to make a guild crew using the "Guild's Judgement" box and 3 riflemen.

I'm just a little confused because of the difference in style on the stat cards. The riflemen have a "Ca" stat, but the new 2.0 models don't have that on their cards. I assume that this will become clear once I've given the rules a read, it's just making me scratch my head right now.

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Riflemen are 2nd wave so they have beta rules at the mo.
Lady j's crew is ready to rock.
They have simplified the cards massively.
Front of the cards are inherently abilities and skills that are always 'on' i.e lady j doesn't need line of sight for charging.
The back of the cards are broken down into tactical and attack actions.
Attack actions will have the required sh,ml or ca built in.
Ca has changed for the better now, where you use to cast and create a final duel total, its nothing. Performed the same as a normal duel like ml or sh attacks.
There are two types of duels, simple which usually requires you to beat a tn (target number) a horror duel for example.
The second type is opposed and that requires your opponent to be involved (these may have a tn that you have to beat as well)

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Yeah me and friends were wondering what was up with some of our models not being included in the rulebook...Good to hear they haven't been retconned out of existence (looking at you GW!). But where do we find the beta rules?

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Well, had a very enjoyable evening of Malifaux tonight at the FLGS. Me, my wife and a couple of friends are all getting into it together which is nice. We're starting to understand it now and are coming to grips with how our crews work.

I must say, I do love the playstyle of the Ortega crew: I think they are very beginner friendly and a really good way to get to grips with the rules.
Their 'Companion' rule is cool because you can 'daisy chain' and activate another member directly after the first, as long as they are within 6". Also Perdita the master can move 8" towards any friendly model in exchange for getting rid of a card in your hand.
So what I am noticing is that it's best to get someone like Santiago Ortega who has 'Hard to Kill' to go ahead of everyone else and then Perdita can use the 8" move to get into a good position to assist. Santiago also gets more powerful the more the enemy damages him which is a nice bonus!

It's loads and loads of fun thinking about how to combine all of them effectively. All their weapons and attacks are pretty straight forward too with most of them bringing the same weapon: The Peacebringer: SH6 and Range 12" (exception here is that Pedrita's is 14" and SH7). But Papa Loco and Nino Ortega are very unique and bring some extra flavour. Papa throws dynamite and is better in melee than the rest and has some pretty crazy special rules (e.g if you kill him he drops all his dynamite and it explodes over everyone friend or foe nearby!), while Nino Ortega can infiltrate and has a unique shooting attack. I am finding it's best to keep Papa Loco isolated with maybe 1 other person (maybe Francisco Ortega) because he has a habit of dropping dynamite when failing to hit/damage that can hurt the rest of the crew members.

Next week we will be playing again but the peeps at the FLGS will be helping us look at the more complex rules such as the upgrades you can buy and how to use soulstones.

Very cool game :)
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