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I have been looking at the DE codex recently and was wondering if you have to roll at the start of your turn like normal to bring a unit on through the portal, so 4+ turn 2, 3+ turn 3, or if they just come on when you want them to.

The faq says this:

Q. Can you clarify how the webway portal

A. If the Dark Eldar player holds any units in
reserve, he must specify if they are going to enter
the game through a webway portal or follow the
normal reserve rules. If Dark Eldar units that are
using the portal have not arrived yet and all
models carrying a portal are destroyed before
deploying it, these units count as destroyed.
When the Webway portal is in position, it acts as a
gate through which your ‘special’ reserves can
enter the table. These models move onto the
table from the portal marker, measuring from its
edge as they would if they entered the table
normally. The normal rules regarding enemy in
proximity apply, notably that you cannot come
within 1” of an enemy model except during an
assault. This means that, if enemy models
surround the portal, then models cannot use it to
enter the table, except for skimmers, jump packs,
jetbikes and other models that can move over
other models. Units may not partially enter play
using the portal nor may they charge through it.
The moral of the tale is that you should defend
the portal until you have used it and not simply
abandon it in the middle of the enemy.

It doesn't make it clear if you have to roll or not and using the term ‘special’ reserves makes me wonder what to do.

Any help clearing this up would be great since i was thinking about using one but now i'm not 100% sure how it works, one friend thinks they just come through it another says you have to roll for them so which is it?

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'Special' reserves refers to the units you chose to use the Webway Portal- it's the only way they can enter play, and you change their deploymeny after the game starts.

It's like Deep Strike or Outflank- once you choose to use it, you're stuck with it. No walking on from your table edge!
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