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Webs That Bleed (Part 1?)

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Laertes sat in his grand throne cloaked in the darkness of the bridge and the black cloth that covered his body. He gazed over the stars as his ship drifted in the great and vast void. He looked to his left and he saw a cowering slave looking at him with complete and utter fear in his eyes. He hated them for the way they looked at him like a monster.

He raised his left hand and struck him hard as the slave was thrown far back and crashed against a wall as he screamed in pain. Laertes growled and barked at the slave in a complex language "GO TO BARTIMUS AND BRING ME MY MEN!!!" the slave began to run and scurry away from the scene and he quickly looked at the other slaves cowering in the darkness staring at their master.

Laertes looked back at the stars and focused his mind on them but a dark figure walked behind him and spoke that sent a shudder through his body. "Its time. If you suffer any more your very mind will blow you back to where you came and you will become the very thing you never wanted to be. Fail them again and you will kill the entire web you built." After he said this Laertes looked to his right and saw the sword....the damned sword that broke his very soul.

Silence swept the room as the ship still drifted in the void as Laertes stood and placed his hands on his head and screamed as his voice filled the room. He threw off his cloak and his body was revealed to be a tower of mutation and unholy corruption across his body. His body was infused with a unidentifiable power armor that morphed in with his skin. His head had two horns and his face was a mangled piece of mutation and unbearable gore. His hands and feet where large claws.

Laertes slammed his feet onto the metal that held them and walked angrily out of the room and was greeted by 30 people in a large scaled room. Each one was different from race and armor. It was his most loyal band of killers, thieves, soldiers, psykers and more. He glared at them without uttering a word in a room of complete silence.


Hello, peoples.

This is my first time being a game master with threads but I hope I can live up to expectations. Please feel free to PM me and tell me how i'm doing from time to time. Here are the rules that I borrowed and modified from the Choral City Roleplay by Unxpekted22:

God Modding - Please follow my updates accordingly. Do not decide there are NPCs around that I have not introduced, Do not take control of other players' characters or the characters I create unless permission is given otherwise. Your character is not invincible.

Game Master - I am here to keep cohesion, narrate, and keep everything centered around a single focal point. Please follow what I say and ask for the sake of everyone involved.

Post Rate - Please be able to post on a regular basis, and inform me if you no longer can. Please be considerate of the time and effort that the other people involved are putting into this. The whole point of an RPthread is that it is a group project.

PvP - PvP is allowed in any scenario and you can engage in it. This will effect the story and your character's well being throughout the story or it can help you succeed. If you gang up on another character it will be allowed as long as it is entirely IC and not you just PMing another person and asking if they want to help you kill another character.

Post Length - A couple of paragraphs, at least. However, keep in mind that it is possible for RPthread posts to be too long sometimes. If each post of yours is a book, others might find it hard to read in detail.

Post Quality - I always suggest reading back a post you have typed up before submitting it, and if you can, to do so out loud. This is the best way to see if your words and sentences make sense and to pick up on any typos.
(Please also PM me if I made a mistake here or there when I post something.)

The Warband And The Story

The Apex Nova Oblitorators is a renegade chapter that was born on the planet of Nova Brastos. A rogue trader exploration ship found the planet and discovered it and named it after himself. The people of the planet where primitive. Overtime Nova's psychic adviser felt a extremely powerful presence and he delved into the. This presence was a large fleet of chaos warriors and slaves preparing for a large sector wide crusade.

Years later Nova brought this information to the imperial bureaucracy and soon a large imperial navy and guard regiment was sent in to destroy the fleet. The fleet was met resistance and then they called upon the space marines. The ultramarines where called upon for their purity and deep believe in the codex. They destroyed a small part of the fleet and injured the master of it. They fled and the unnamed master swore to take down the entire sector and would destroy the Imperium itself.

Afterwards the imperium office declared that a new chapter must be able to take down this enemy and truly protect the sector with their life and with loyalty. The Apex Nova Oblitorators where named after Nova for his find and how he saved thousands of primitive lives and the Apex was for the Ultramarine's protection and their gene seed was used to support the Apex. Years upon years past and the newest recruit of this new chapter named Bartimus showed high skill and was a great politician and rose through the ranks to finally become chapter master.

He prepared for the great assault for a long time until his age of 297. The enemy arrived and sent an extremely large fleet with many aboard it. Bartimus sent a navy fleet to do combat with the enemy and take down their dropships before they could reach the planet. Smalls parts of the fleet was destroyed but the major ship released escape pods and dropships to battle the Apex space marines.

The assault reached the major temple that was the center of the recruitment world. Bartimus in the battlefield led his troops to fight the invader and then they met on the field of war. The invader was a daemon prince and held a great sword. In the fight Bartimus threw down his gun and unsheathed his power sword and prepared for blade on blade combat.

They fought for hours and hours until Bartimus in a full blown rage crushed the prince with full utter and masterful strength. After killing it he invader fell on the battlefield and an extreme explosion occurred and the chaos forces were utterly destroyed. Bartimus looked over the blade and grabbed it while starring at it. He slowly walked away from the battlefield as his men cheered in victory.

The sword was blessed by the inquisition and the spirit inside it was suppressed for years upon years until he turned 791. He called it the Crow's Claw. Bartimus was a strong and disciplined leader but a soul and spirit started to control and overpowered him. It started to manipulate him and controlled him.

Bartimus slowly became corrupt overtime and began to dwell in chaos rituals and dealed with Dark Eldar mercenaries. His most loyal joined him and thought he was always doing something to help secure the chapter and protect it. Bartimus would deal with these mercs and would ask them to take out certain enemies of the chapter or kill off certain Tau or encampment.

Soon the chapter found out and other remained loyal to the chapter master. The ones that went against Bartimus sided with the Inquisition and gained support and help from them after contacting them and killing their traitor brethren. Along with this they received better gear and more to go against Bartimus. Along with this they got the support of the Imperial Guard and the Ultramarines chapter trying to fight for their good name and the emperor.

Bartimus got the support of the chaos forces like Khorne and Tzeetch. The people where rewarded for their loyalty and where constantly focused on by the Imperial Cult. They where constantly harassed and stereo typed for being uneducated heretics sense they where given new tech and never had a true religion before there upbringing. They where also hating the Imperium Inquisition that tried to manipulated and change their culture.

The planet grew into a full on war zone planet as they took to the fields to fight against Bartimus. The primitive and space marine scouts fought so they could prove themselves to the inquisition. Bartimus hired Dark Eldar mercenaries to help him in taking back his sector and along with the mercenaries the chaos forces began to take interest and gave Bartimus more men and women to fight for him. Finally mutants looked up to him and thought he would be a start to a new future because he worked with xenos.

The great civil war began in the sector and billions of deaths ensued. During the war the inquisition started to order exterminautus upon the planets in the sector. Bartimus lost the war and fled with a small warband of 500. The fled to a far off sector with only a small amount of space marines and a mixture of mutants, Dark Eldar, and finally chaos worshipers.

After the fled Bartimus and the chaos soul slowly infused into one ultimate identity and then they began to grow another warband and chaos chapter while working with Chaos Undivided. Overtime he grew a web of power and greatness and began with a project that would bring the coming of Laertes. Bartimus began to create VATs and started to work with a rogue mechanicus engineer named Ganesh and created the New Man Project or N.M.P which helped recreate his army. He cloned a man by the name Tactinus who was a pure and new slave that he bought from the Dark Eldar. Overtime the babies that where born he used to make into chaos space marines that would pillage and destroy planets.

Then Laertes was born and he was naturally mutated. He was born with horns and super human abilities. Bartimus automatically shut down the project and started to recruit his armies and took interest in Laertes. He was sent on many tasks and missions and constantly earned favor with the chaos Gods and with his dear mentor.

Bartimus was now 821 and he was slowly aging and it was time to step down. He was becoming more mad over time as the chaos soul started to become stronger and then he allowed Laertes to take control. He passed on the sword to his student and made him the new chapter master. Bartimus became the adviser and always would stand by his student.

Laertes started off strong by launching black crusade across sectors and some prime Imperium planets. Sometimes people would leave and would try to surpass him and kill him to take over the army. After some time after this he launched a crusade against a prime Imperium planet. He launched a large chunk of his army upon a hive world which was utterly destroyed. Dark Eldar forces where captured and led to many small slaanesh armies being destroyed and chaos legions having problems with their missions. So for Laertes he was mutated and destroyed in and out into a broken man. Along with this the spirit started to creep into his mind.

Years passed and now Laertes uses his main ship to start his campaigns and to secure his position and uses a small band of warriors to help destroy threats to the warband. But this might be the end of them or maybe the beginning.

Your Character:

You will be playing as one of the thirty (loyal) members of the Apex Nova Oblitorators warband as you engage in working for the good of it or for yourself. This is not only a story but a character that you made and his story. Your character can be part of almost any race. Your character can be a Dark Eldar, Chaos Space Marine, Human, Mutant, or something entirely unique that you want to try out. You can have 4 weapons on your character and they can be swapped out and left behind if you would like. Your starting weapons cannot be over powered and they must fit with your character.

Your character can have a profession with psychic or mutated abilities but it will take up one of your 4 weapons spots. You can also gear that won't take up any of your weapon spots but will probably help you in your mission or tasks. Lastly feel free to create characters when creating your backstory and if you want I can implement them into the roleplay thread.

The Format:

Character's Name:

Character's Description:

Character's Race:

Character's Wargear:

Character's Backstroy:

I am also looking for 8 players but I might make a exception depending on how good your application is



Sekel Itemar

Azor Sehkt

Tilraenen Khaleesi

Juda Bagrosian

Volpex Astrodomious

Ioana Karth


Please tell me if I missed anything or if you have any problems with the thread or have any questions
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Considering Raven Guard power armour has built in noise dampeners I think you don't have to worry about that one.
Ioana Karth thank you for joining the party. I will start the action thread tomorrow or the next day after. If anyone still wants to join please PM me a application but make sure its your top work.
Yay! This shall be much fun. I have always wanted to do a chaos RP.

*Evil thoughts*
I think it's great! It sounds like an interesting character. I can see my renegade Raven Guard PC working pretty well with her, although I'm sure she'll be much more stealthy than a hulking, power armored Astartes.
As darkreever said, Ioana at least won't be frustrated by his lack of stealth, although she can probably squeeze through gaps he can't. However, he is marked, so they might no be too pally...
Just to keep everyone informed, captain Loken won't be around for the next two weeks. We don't exactly take the most positive view on people asking for or saying they will provide pirated material.
Gluten Tag. Is there chance this is still open for an application?

Thank you.
Hey everybody

We have a new character by the name of Osborn. I will be posting his app right before the start of the action thread. The action thread will start on Saturday though mostly because I haven't had much time. And finally, I am still accepting more apps if you want to get in.
Hi guys!
I'm just gonna post my character info here. I will be playing Osborn.

Name: Osborn

Character's Description: Osborn is short and stout, with skin that has been tanned by many years spent outdoors fighting. His eyes are a stormy gray in color, and always full of merriment or amusement. Osborn's hair is a dirty blond in color, cut to midway down the neck. Osborn typically wears a Cameleoline cloak over flak armor, though his clothing changes depending on where he is being deployed. He wears only one piece of jewelry: A circular iron pendent that bears the inscription

"And I saw, from eyes that were not mine.

And I felt, with a fear I could not reason.

They watch us, they invade us.

And keep us happy, committing treason.

To a King we didn't deserve.

To a Son who waits weeping.

That I knew, from knowledge gained while sleeping."

Race: Abhuman (Ratling)

Character's Wargear: Osborn's primary weapon is his needler sniper rifle "Malice". Malice has been modified with a hand carved stock and a scope specifically fitted to Osborn's eyes. Malice also bears several trophies from past kills, including a necklace stolen from the body of one of Osborn's former officers. If he is forced into close range, Osborn uses a hellpistol looted from the body of the Commissar he "Accidentally" killed. For melee, Osborn prefers to use a standard combat knife.

In addition his weaponry, Osborn also carries a Cameleoline cloak which aids in his concealment

Backstory: Osborn originally served in the Imperial Guard as part of the Tanith First and Only regiment, where he served with distinction as a Longshooter. Despite his skill, Osborn was constantly getting into trouble as his commanding officers were strict, and rarely, if ever, turned a blind eye to Osborn and his "antics", which included petty thievery and gambling. The regiment Commissar in particular seemed to take great delight in punishing him for his "insufficient faith". Eventually, Osborn got his revenge on his tormentor, "accidentally" shooting him in the head during a pitched battle.

Although Osborn had eliminated the Commissar and done so with no witnesses that could have possibly connected him to the deed, he was still blamed for the death of the Commissar due to his obvious hatred for the man. Knowing he would be eventually detained and executed if he stayed, Osborn deserted, fleeing the regiment in the dead of night.

Since then, Osborn has served several different groups, proving himself to be invaluable as a sniper and cook. Despite serving Chaos more often than not, Osborn does not really care about Chaos or it's goals. He cares only about himself, and he will happily betray his current employer if the conditions are right.
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Sorry for the long wait everybody but the action thread has arrived. Sorry it took me so long but I was trying to figure out how to implement some things and I was doing a little research before I wanted to post the thread. Thank you for joining in on the adventure and I hope you like the story that will slowly unfold.

EDIT: Also I have categorized the story into two sub stories. So if you are part of the space hulk story please title the top of your posts The Fifth Rig and if you are part of the dagger story please put Bractus' Blood Tooth. Please also PM me and tell me what you think of how I am doing this, you don't have to do though if you don't want to.
So this is a question directed at Warmindedjudge but wouldn't go amiss being seen by everyone else, this is in response to War's latest post in the action thread.

Are the Fifth Rig and Bractus' Blood Tooth stories separate? And by separate, I mean are the members of one story allowed to post one after the other without waiting for the other story to post? For example, everyone in the Fifth Rig story have posted and War has given us our way onto the Space Hulk, do we wait for the other members of the Rp to post or can we just continue?

I'm asking this because I really don't want to assume, but judging by War's action I was inclined to believe it was a possibility.
The stories are sort of seperate. You will be able to post even if the other story hasnt continued at all. They are connected in some ways that might effect the other party. Though you can still continue even if the other party is still being effected.
Your update left it ambiguous whether we'd be able to successfully land without being shot at, so I left the end of my update ambiguous @Warmindedjudge. We can either wait for an update or if you are happy to tell say here I can add in the result on way or another. Up to you.
I will update it. I have to consider some factors and such but I do have 3 possible outcomes and counting of what the spacers might do and say. I will wait till everyone that is part of the Fifth Rig story(Space Hulk) has posted before I update. Thanks for posting here though.
@Warmindedjudge, are either stories going to get an update in the near future? With the exception of @Magpie knight and @Captain_Loken everyone had posted
Yeah, I willl try to update both of them tomorrow and will get back. Sorry for the long wait.
Not to sound like a pessimist but I wouldn't hold my breath on Captain Loken posting any time soon. Just looked at his profile and it says he hasn't done anything, don't know if it means posting or simply logging on, since the beginning of the month. Plus you didn't actually include his character in either of the two groups, which may lead to him thinking, if he logs on, that you've removed him from the Rp.

Same goes for MagpieKnight to a lesser extent, he hasn't done anything according to his profile in just over a week. I'd find it odd if he were to suddenly drop out, he was one of the first to post after all and he did seem into the Rp in general.
Well keep in mind my earlier post in regards to Loken; he received a two week temporary ban at the start of the month. That he hasn't logged on since the ban ended is on him.
Sorry for the small update guys in the next one I will fix that. Captain Loken is still apart of the roleplay as well and his character will play a role in the story.
I don't want to sound negative, but with the Bloody Tooth half of the characters falling unconscious at the end of that update and no parameters to go by, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.
Ah crap I forgot to add what happens. Sorry about that! I just added in and gave you an idea of what you will be doing at the moment
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