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For those who don't know what i'm doing here is that i review each issue of WD as it comes out as many poeple only play 1 system or are in a palce where they have to order the Mag and don't want to waste money on somehting they don't need. So i have been reviewing each isse for Might of Middle Earth for 9 Months now and since i ahve joined here i felt that you where also intiled to the reivews. Also don't worry too much aobut copy right as i stive to be a vaige as possible so we don't have GW's lawers on our tails.

New stuff
Everythign is 40k related this months with Spearhead so we have the remaing variats of the Reman Russ, The Manticore and Deathstrike for Guard and the Prism, Night Spinner and Support Platforms for Eldar(yays). We also have the Citadel 2010 catalogue. and a Command Spure whihc contains command parts for I belive every race from Tau to Marines. tho i can't see any Necron stuff on there.
Forge World also have the new "Elysian Tauros Venator" whihc looks like a Jeep and Razorback hybrid.

Main Articles
Ofcorse most of it about 40k and a hell of a lot too. Fire we have a little bit on using and building tanks but the most important bits are new rules. I will lsit them as there are jsut too amny to talk aobut really.
- New Night Spinner Rules
- Rules and maps for use in Spearhead games (Tho they only have 1 type of spearhead included, The rest will be on ther website in the near future)
- New LOTR rules for Faramir, Duinhir, Blackroot Vale Archers, The Dwimmerlaik and Mauhur (Plus sen cio to use them in)
- New Formtions for Apocalypce for Eldar and Imperial Guard.

We also have a few other tings here and there with a Battle Report of Imperial Gaurd Vs Eldar, A little bit of fluff with Blood Angels, A little peek into the new Fantasy rule book, a small look at the Orc and Golbins Trolls and Bore's and Golden Demon 2010

Next month we have the New Fantasy Rule book but GW is pritty calm and hasn't said about much else for next month.

I an whole if you play Eaither or both LOTR and 40k then this new White Dwarf is a must but it's missalbe if you only play Fanstasy.
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