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oh i see it,i really like the style of the minitures has a very 1950s sci-fi look for the robots,the setting and models remind me the video game Fall Out New Vegas,
Pricewise seems ok to me,ive got fed up with GW price models and went looking for other miniture companies

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Wasteman live on Kickstarter UPDATE


  • Only 1 week left and its moving along nicely, theres been new add ons and more freebies when it funds. there are many levels to pledge at, but the Easy Rider £270 pledge is getting popular as that includes everything in the campain all add ons, all stretch goals, all posse packs, all behemoths, rulebook, M.A.D cards, bottle caps, dice and soundtrack, if all that was to be brought separately it would be @ £450
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Wasteman is in its last 48 hrs

Many pledge levels from £8-£750 for the Survivor Subscriber pledge

What does this entail exactly? Not only will you receive:

• All 6 Posse Packs

• All 4 behemoths

• All kickstarter exclusive figures

• Every stretch goal figure

• The rulebook and M.A.D cards

• All accessories

You will also get one of every future Wasteman release! Including:

• Every supplement

• Every single figure

• Every future Posse pack

• All future Behemoths

• All future RadTown ruins releases

• Any Wasteman spin off game or accessory

• The occasional figure not destined for release

You will only need to add to your pledge for any sets you want more than one off!

But just what does the future hold?

There are currently plans for expansions covering Psychics and cults, raiders, bikers and vehicles, and a fully realised campaign system. Theres plans for 4 years worth of figures, including Mutie Brute, Gnarly Pilgrim, Froglin and Swyne Posse packs, tons of boosters and a load of new monsters and Behemoths!

Here’s a rare glimpse at some concepts and sculpts...


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