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Warriors of Chaos

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Army Name: Coven of Tzeentch's Divine Light

Special Notes
- First time WFB army list. And i'v yet to buy any models for it.
This is just the Hero and two core units to get started with, and learn the rules.


Hero 1: Chaos Sorcerer:145pts
•Hand weapon
•Chaos armour
•Lvl2 wizard
•Mark of Tzeentch
•Favour of the Gods 5pts
•Lore of Tzeentch


Core 1:Chaos Warriors 12 models: 190
•Hand weapon
•Chaos armour

Core 2:Chaos Warriors 12 models: 190
•Hand weapon
•Chaos armour

Army Total: (525)
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Thanks for the info. =]

With marks of chaos, i'm wanting to use MoT and Blasted standard on the warriors. combined with halberd.

What do you think of this set up?

PS: do warriors come with halberds or not?
As i'v only ever watched games of WFB i wouldn't know how to run a hero effectivly.
I would probly run him if, CC with a unit. But if he's shoot/magic i probly run him alone.

And if converting, what would you say the best way to go about it?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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