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Warriors of Chaos

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Army Name: Coven of Tzeentch's Divine Light

Special Notes
- First time WFB army list. And i'v yet to buy any models for it.
This is just the Hero and two core units to get started with, and learn the rules.


Hero 1: Chaos Sorcerer:145pts
•Hand weapon
•Chaos armour
•Lvl2 wizard
•Mark of Tzeentch
•Favour of the Gods 5pts
•Lore of Tzeentch


Core 1:Chaos Warriors 12 models: 190
•Hand weapon
•Chaos armour

Core 2:Chaos Warriors 12 models: 190
•Hand weapon
•Chaos armour

Army Total: (525)
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Chaos Warriors are generally better with a second weapon option; the debate revolves around either Halberds or Great Weapons

Generally I prefer Great Weapons. One of the best comparisons is here.
...i'm wanting to use MoT and Blasted standard on the warriors. combined with halberd....
At low points values you will probably not face enough heavy-hitting units (e.g. stone throwers, huge monsters) to make the ward save necessary; Chaos armour and a shield is very robust anyway.

If you are looking for survivability, the hit-chance reduction from Mark of Nurgle is a good mark.

Do you plan to place your hero in one of the units or run him on his own?

...do warriors come with halberds or not?
The regiment only contains hand weapons and shields.

Halberds and Great Weapons packs are available on the GW website if you do not wish to convert.
...if converting, what would you say the best way to go about it?
Two quick conversions:

Halberd/Great Weapon held in one hand
(i) Take a Warrior Hand Axe/Mace
(ii) Cut off the shaft just below the hand
(iii) Glue a length of suitable diameter brass/plastic rod between the hand and the base.
If you use plastic rod you could texture the it using lengthways light strokes with a sharp knife.
Alternatively, cut the haft off above and below the hand, and remove the weapons head then replace the entire haft with lengths of rod

Halberd/Great Weapon held in one hand
(i) Take Left Hand Weapon of choice
(ii) Take Right Hand Axe/Mace and remove head
(iii) Dry-fit both hands horizontally
(iv) The right hand haft should approximately line up with the bottom of the left and haft so a little trimming or green stuff makes it look like a single long haft.
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