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Wasn't sure I posted the original in the right form so I thought I would play it safe, and put another copy in the right forum.

Well I am going to ask that I yet again be able to waste some of your precious time, the reason you ask is to validate my CSM chapter's past, since I feel I need to justify all the fancy conversions, and time put into them (I have 5000pts of them and have been converting/collecting them for 4 years now). So please bare with me on this. Also keep in mind this is just a brief background not a in depth master piece of 40k fiction. Oh and feel free to offer pointers.

Chapter Name: "Son's of Paradise" Imperial designation: "Warp Fiends"

Chapter colors: tin bits, blue sensor lenses, heavy use of metallic tones, urban cameo common.
Iconography: red star with dots between points (Represents the five worlds in home sector, and the five largest factions during founding)

The Exodus

Most imperial sources would have the average citizen believe that all the traitors, and those that did not come to the aid of the imperium either were crushed by the fiery retribution of a vengeful imperium or simple fled back to their dark patrons in the eye of terror, however this is far from the truth many lay in hiding in the very heart of the imperium, or set to make their fortunes outside of the reach of the imperium. Those who we speak of now are the latter of the two, and are one of the only surviving factions to do so. The Sons of Paradise as they are now know were once the fragments from a dozen chapters all seeking to either evade imperial forces or simple seeking a place where they could be their own masters. Regardless of where they came from they were united into one large force in the very eastern fringe of known imperial space by the "Prophet, and the High Marshal".

First was the coming of the Prophet who seemed to be just another rogue psyker of terrifying power, yet he spoke of a great new empire secluded, small and yet full of progress and power. Now many where reluctant to follow another false messiah, in fact many attempts where made by various factions in the splintered armada to silence him. However all attempts failed, and one day as the factions where at each others throats over ideological differences and various shortages of goods, he came with a vision that guided the fragmented armada to a chain of worlds far beyond imperial space. These worlds seemed to offer a bounty of treasures far beyond even the needs of the most depraved mind. After this seeming miracle most of the factions united behind the teachings of the prophet (Who even now after 1000s of years seems filled will a unnatural youth.). However unified they now where they still where greatly weakened by their trip, and many of the armada's ships where barley function, not to mention the attrition rates for troops, and technical personal war horrendous during the long voyage, and the none stop infighting, this was the time of the High Marshall.

The High marshal was at one time simply a member of one of the various traitor chapters, however seeing a chance for a new beginning and maybe some weird form of repentance, he cast aside all his belongings, his name, even his former brethren to becomes the military leader the splintered factions needed to thrive and grow. Now over hundreds of years the two factions that evolved around these two figures came to be know as the "Son of Paradise" Mercenaries chapter. No one knows exactly what their current goals are, however they seem to be seeking relics from the dark age of technology, and even stranger xeno artifacts. Additionally they seem to have developed a protection racket in the eastern fringe of the imperium offering military aid and protection to forgotten human colonies in exchange for everything from serfs to technology.

Current chapter status, and organization

The chapter as a whole only consists of around 1964 Marines split into 13 individual Corps, and each Corp has a specialized purpose within the chapter, these Corps are directly under the command of a marshal. The only 3 individual that operate outside of the military branch's normal structure are the Field Marshal "Marbazz" who is in charge of actually coordinating military actions, the representative of the dark mechanicus "Belial" and "The High Marshal who acts as the autocrat of the military division.

This however is not the limit of their military strength for over the years they have indoctrinated, enslaved, and even bread (Cloning) a entire pdf on each of their home worlds, not to mention the 444 Sanctified marines that serve the prophet directly. Also according to imperial records they at one point even stole a warhound titan from a engagement in the eastern sector of imperial space, however still considered of little to no threat to the emperium, and if the light of the astronomican burned, but a little brighter the inquisition would have the wretches burnt to ash. Oddly enough the greatest threat to the chapters survival comes not from the imperium, but from other rebel marine factions, for although worship of the chaos gods is not uncommon in the chapter, each individual is free to do as they wish as long as their service to the chapter, and the prophet is guaranteed. This ideology is viewed as heresy by fanatical factions like the "Word bearers" who have laid siege to the chapters worlds on more then one occasion, however for some odd reason even they have difficulty reaching the secluded realm of the "Sons of Paradise", many believe this to be yet another sign of the prophets power, yet whatever the reason, for now the fledgling empire of the "Sons of Paradise" seems beyond the reach of their enemies.

The greatest triumph of the chapter however lies not in its military strength or its protected status, no for one of its greatest goals is to better control, and influence the awesome power of the warp. Mind you this doesn't mean they are more prone to dealing with daemonic entities, matter of fact it seems to be quite the opposite for much of their dark technologies seems to be driven by more practical ends such as designing warp driven weaponry, or even procuring some way to bring back the dead, Still these endeavors are always costly, and on more then one occasion have threatened entire worlds with some horrible fate or another. Still their efforts have note gone unnoticed, and wide scale cooperation between them and the dark mechanicus is not unheard of.

Chapter Traits
Above all else the chapter retains its pre-heresy military doctrines, with the exceptions on using standardized kit. Matter of fact it is not uncommon for a single individual marines to carry a small arsenal of master crafted weapons at any given time. Some examples are even horrific marvels of dark technology gifted from the dark mechanicus, weapons that even the the largest of CSM legions would envy, for wealth is the one thing the "Sons of Paradise" have above their fellow traitors. Furthermore like their cohorts in the Iron warriors legion, all the members of the chapter are wary of the use of demonic entities except as a means to foul deadly technological marvels. One last point of interest in regards to the chapter is the strange material they work into their armor, and vehicles. The element in question is a strange, and rare metal that has the property of making conventional scanning technologies almost useless at detecting them, often reading simply come up as static or a bluer on auto sensors. Also do to attrition rates new worthy marines initiates are far, and few between making any heavy loses damning.

One of the most critical of facts about the chapter is by far the the seemingly sheltered nature of there home system. For imperial forces this seems to simply do to how the distance from Terra makes safe and accurate warp travel nearly impossible, however even xeno and heretical forces seem to have great difficulty locating the system, and even greater difficulty arriving near it without being scattered light years away. Lucky for their enemies these difficulties seem to affect the Son's own forces as well, for they seem to need to navigate into imperial space using specially designed beacons placed on abandoned or dead worlds, they refer to these beacon sites as gates.

Technological imperative
The one thing that seems to be blaringly obvious to anyone that has encountered the Son's is their apparent fanatical drive to reclaim rare tech, whether its Imperial or xeno seems to matter little. The have even been seen orchestrating small raids on small Exodites raiding sites. Weirder still some of their officers seem to sport odd hybrids of xeno, and imperial tech such as wraithbone battle masks, simple ion weapons, and even odder creations. However even more troubling is the developments created by their so called sanctified, horrible things that would even be considered blasphemy to the followers of the dark gods, rumors even persist that the sanctified cast forcefully possess themselves with weaker greater daemons, simply in order to have such entities removed from them by force of will, to what ends they do this only the most radical of Ordo Malleus officials could guess.

Home System
The home system of the Son's although small contains 5 planets all of which are capable of sustaining at least the minimum necessities for human life. Each planet in the system has at least one moon, while Paradiso the site of the chapters strong hold has a total of 5 moons all of itself. The Planets in the system are as follows.

Purgatorio: The red planet closest to the systems sun, is a rocky relatively barren world where the Son's keep most of their mining operations, and researcher facilities, also serves as the training grounds for the indoctrinated pdf's, and the training ground for potentiality neophytes. Natural wild life, and the intolerable heat found on the planets surface almost make it a death world, however the vast mineral riches of the planet make it invaluable (Also source of the strange metallic element used in ship platting, and armor).

Eleysia: The agri-world that supports the whole system, consisting of verdant fields filled with exotic flora, and funa that serve both as a food source, and lucrative means to producing incredibly powerful drugs and poisons. Note: Many rogue traders have made contact with the Son's simply to get a hold of these narcotics, and poisons. The world itself is almost entirely devoted to this ends, and all it military strength is provided by the fortresses, and naval docks found on the planets twin moons of Hades, and Persephone.

Paradiso: The site of the Chapters fortress, and the Keep of the Prophets as well the academy for the pdf's forces. Also the only Planet in the system with a population over 2 million, resembling a small hive world it some parts.

Chapter headquarters: Is a massive, and tall fortress that dominates the golden skies of the planet visible even from space. The fortress itself consists of a massive armory, training halls , and for keeps representing the holdings, and barracks of each Corp, and at the center of the fortress is the Marshal spire a massive tower that holds the military network for the entire system.

The prophets Keep: Is simply a single pure white structure that stands suspended over the main city by a complex grav network. What goes on inside is only made privy to the High Marshal, the Prophet himself, and the inner circle known as the sanctified.

Moons: Each of the moons that surround Paridiso serve a unique purpose which better serves to consolidate, and further the chapters ends. Gaap: The black moon serves as a kinda of naval space doc, and trading site for stolen tech0 and imperial goods, and attracts many xeno and heretical elements. Gamigin: The dead moon functions as a network hub for a massive defense network that stretches the length of the entire planets upper atmosphere. Glasya-Labolas the smallest of the five is merely a interrogation site and execution groups for those that are captured working against the ends of the chapter. Gremory the hollow moon is a massed network and communications grid that's primary purpose it to enhance travel to and from the system for friendly forces, this is necessary do to the anomalies that shield the system, and finally is the golden moon Gusion: which serves, as the chapters reliquary, and holding site for their most terrible weapons.

Arcadia Know as the pleasure world, also the smallest world in the system. Its sole purpose is to reward the most worthy of the chapter, and their allies truly a world of every possible vice, filled with a sky trapped in perpetual dusk the words vast see is kept at a constant temperature close to that of a normal human body by thermal jets, and seems to shine with ethereal beauty. The world however is not simply a site for indulgence for the chapters chapels are also kept there, as are the coliseums and ritual combat sites, not to mention most indoctrinated cult troops headquarters are located there (With the exception of Plague marines, who seem to favor the the harsh environment and industrial setting of Purgatorio). The planets one moon Lilith is also the headquarters of a large Slaanesh cult that long ago aligned itself with the Utopian views of the Son's. Note: Over indulgence to the point of hedonism, although not unheard of is looked down upon by most of the ruling members of the chapter, and as such higher up officials rarely visit Arcadia.

Cocytus The most inhospitable of the core worlds, the planet is perpetually in a state of winter, with only a season of violent rains, and floods marking the 2 months a solar year where the planets ocean partially thaw. The planet itself is the home of the aligned members of the dark mechanicus, and a massive holding site for research materials, and subjects. No one save the chapters leaders are allowed to visit the site as it is in effect the property of the dark mechnicus. The only structure that truly belongs to the chapter that can be found on the planet is a massive subterranean facility named Phobos, where the Sanctified carry out their ceremony of ascension, and the failures are incarcerated till the can be weaponized.


The giant red sun that dominates the center of the system, it seems to cast a baleful red light over the entire system system, also it seems to give off strange radiation that may be the cause of disrupted warp navigation.

Notable Military Engagements

Imperial skirmishers.
Although generally the few imperial forces aware of the fledgling heretical empire find themselves unable to lunch a wide scale assault against the "Sons of Paradise" (do to the difficult of reaching their section of space, and the general lack of accurate information about their sites of operation), there has been at least a dozen small scale military confrontations between the imperium, and the "Son's of Paradise". Now these undertaking are always very taxing on the already thinly stretched imperium, and often only seek to sever trade networks or eliminate collaborators, but if not for the perceived threat envisioned from inquisitors even these minor engagements would be far to costly for there worth. For the inquisition sees the true threat they pose, and that is the offer of a twisted form of freedom and a better life which the imperium can't offer (Especially after the heresy), and the rates of deserters in outlaying outposts near the eastern fringe is a testament to how right they may be.

The burning of the gate.

One of the greatest imperial victories against the Son's was the destroying of a world that seemed to operate as a one way gate from the Son's home world deep into the eastern heart of imperial space. Not much is know about this conflict save that it included a small crusading forces of space marines, assisted by an inquisitional detachment. Casualties were actually very light on both sides with much of the world seemingly abandoned, save for some horrific half techno/Daemon abominations released to stall imperial forces. These things accounted for the only imperial casualties of any importance with at least 34 space marines killed, and 425 indoctrinated imperial guard killed. Reports indicated that only 18 of these things were released, and only 8 were actually killed in combat most having to be destroyed by orbital strikes or artillery barrages. Reports of these "Forbidden" are spotty at best, but they seem to at one time been some form of space marine, with the exception that they seem to constantly spazem between real space, and the warp in a jerky fashion, and move far to quickly to be of mortal flesh (Or so one would hope). The only comfort to be found in encountering these monsters seems to be the fact that whatever they are there far from under control, for imperial observations teams personally witnessed one such creature attacking a small Son's ship as it attempted to evacuate (There where no survivors including the observation teams). However credit must be paid to the chapter master of a strange relatively unknown chapter that participated in the preliminary invasion, for he was the only one who seemed able to fell one of the abominations in close combat a feat that even the inquisitor that accompanied him to the planet's surface was unable to accomplish (Emperor keep the soul of inquisitor Malthias).

The enemy amongst us
By far the more pressing concern for the Son's is the heretical elements found within indoctrinated cult marines, and the persistent attempts by the word bearers to lay their chapter low. Matter of fact infiltrators and sabotage by treacherous elements in the chapter have become such a concern that screening by powerful arcane psychic relays, and mass executions by technologically enhanced death squads are not uncommon occurrences around major military, and control centers. This threat was made even more apparent when somehow the word bearers where able to get a fairly large force past the navigational bearers that protect the Son's home system (generated by the presence of the prophet and ancient forbidden technologies) only to be greeted by a disabled defense grid, the "Word Bearers" then proceeded to try to completely destroy the planet that held the chapters manufaturum's on the core world "Elysia", they almost conceded to if not for the direct intervention of the prophet who by a seeming miracle seemed to pull the largest of the enemy ships from the sky with some great ethereal hand, plunging it into the heart of the manufaturium where the bulk of the enemies forces were entrenched. Still victory was bitter sweet for now much of the chapters equipment depot's, and munitions factories, now reduced to burning slag or radioactive craters, not to mention the guerrilla raids still common on Elysia by surviving elements of the enemies force.

Tyrannic activity detected!
Far into the chapters past, destruction seemed certain at the hands of tyrannic splinter fleet (Designation: Fleet Satan). Four out lying outposts in the far eastern are of the chapters domain where lost in the encroaching of the enemies forces. The chapter's home system was only saved by the sacrifice of the first High Marshal, who destroyed the entire enemy fleet during the space battle in the neighboring Draco system. This was accomplished by leading the enemy fleet close to the systems dying star then detonating it by firing the the chapter's flag ships experimental singularity cannon into its core. His sacrifice saved the chapter, and even possibly many imperial worlds, however this is of little concern to the Son's.


The Chapters military organization is far removed from that of most modern day chapters, if fact it more closely resembles the imperial guard then any current chapter. The reason for this is simply because the Son's military doctrine comes from the time before the Horus heresy, and without the subversive anarchy of the traitor legions, or the boundaries of the Codex Astartes they aim to kept it that way.

The main quirk of the chapter is the heavy division of the chapters military assets. The chapter in total is divided into thirteen individual Corps and two command corps, each serving a unique purpose within the chapter.

Corps 1-4

These are the mechanized ground assault Corps, each having its own specialty. These Corps often play the role of proofing ground for new initiates and combat specialists. The largest of these groups is the 1st mechanized assault Corp, which accounts for 200 marines, 1 land raider, and 12 rhinos of varying patterns (Some dating back to pre-heresy times). The other three Corps comprise the chapters specialist assault elements including the bulk of the chapters cult marines, and the chapters few active dreadnoughts.

Technological breakthroughs, and supply limitations.
One of the most frightening factors about the Son's is the strange, and sometimes otherworldly tech they have accumulated do to centuries of collecting, developing, and out and out stealing tech from every corner of known space and beyond. This is both the greatest strength of the chapter, and its greatest weakness, for at any given time at least half of the chapters resources are tied up perusing rumors, legends, or field testing new tech. However it is their collection of tech, and their collaboration with the dark mechanicus that also serves to keep the chapter safe from the ambitions of any upstart chaos lord or daemon prince that would wish to simply steal their horde of super weapons. This is do to how the chapter has since the time after the heresy developed many critical pieces of wargear that have ensured the collaboration, and patronage of many chaos legions.

Some of the more influential of the Son's accomplishments are listed below.

- Warp energy inhibitor: A material reverse engineered from Necron tech, it allows for the suppression of the effects of warp energy. The practical applications of this material cover everything form saving desperate Chaos lords from devolution into spawn, to allwing for the construction of shielding against daemons. However the materials for construction require tech beyond even the dark mechanicuse's grasp so even a fist full would require a hefty price far beyond the means of most.

- Zero point singularity generator: A terrifying yet completely impractical weapon that uses a incredible amount of energy to fire a small localized gravimetric well similar to a small black hole. Even though such a weapon is incredibly powerful it reacquires so much energy that only the largest of imperial class ships can muster enough power to fire it without causing the reactor unboard to go critical. Still the most horrifying of its applications is that it can be used to cause dying stars to go supernova. However, since most solar systems with dying stars are completely devoid of life even this use is rarely practical.

- Refined warp energy- Through a incredibly complicated process the son's have found a way to refine warp energy, not only does this reduce the negative side effects of the warp energy, but also makes it stable enough to be used for much finer applications. However the process of refining warp energy is incredibly dangerous, do to what is known as psychic backlash which tends to cause insanity, or death in biological entities, hence the only production site is located in a hidden automated facility outside of the son's home system.

- Cryo Coffins: Specially designed transport units for incredibly dangerous goods, they feature both warp energy inhibitors, and regular energy shields, as well as a cryogenic system to stop biological functioning of the incarcerated materials. These transit units are so effective at containing all sorts of threats that it has been said that even a daemon prince could safely and easily stored in one.

- Soul slaved AI's: Probably the pinicall of the chapters machinations, these imperial A.I's have been slaved to the warp trace of a recently dead, making them actually able to respond to situations without outside interaction. This development is only possible do to the warp energy refining process, since it allows for the removal of emotive warp elements it warp entities. However on more then one occasion these deadman A.I's gone berserk leading for the development of further controls methods, in future developments.
- Forbidden ones (Those that failed to ascend): Classified

Supply limitations.
The chapter is well separated from most of imperial space, and as such some common materials that even other chaos warbands could steal are well out of reach for the chapter.
Know shortages:
- Ceramite: Common in imperial space, yet vary rare in the eastern fringe, so much so that much of the chapters trade with rogue traders is devoted to acquiring this element. So rare is the substance that a fair amount of the chapters armor is made of a deluded alloy of ceramite, and the mystery substance the chapter discovered. Although this has its advantages, the alloy lacks the thermal shielding granted by ceramite.

- Phosphorous: Another rare substance, which is so critical to the chapters ordinance, and solid slug fighting weapons that some Son's units have been outfitted with overcharged laz weapons in an attempted to save phosphorous for more pressing uses.

- Loyalty: Above all else the chapter require loyal initiates, and PDF personnel, however amongst former traitors this is a rarity. As such the chapter has had to devote entire corps to internal security much to the detriment of the chapter.

Note:Shown below are two (Sons of paradise) chosen, Marbazz, and the chapters icon.

Thought I may as well post the stat bar for my only approved Son's of Paradise character here.

Field Marshal, Marbazz (Army configuration is odd)

WS5 BS5 S5 T4 W2 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv3/4+ Pt=160pts

Unit type: IC

Special rules: Infiltrate, Stealth, Strike from the shadows.

Wargear: Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, Personal Force Shield (Mark of Tzeentch equivalent for my army), Master crafted melta gun, Frags & Krak grenades, Roar of Dragons.

Roar of Dragons: Counts as a power weapon that grants the rending special rule. Any rends also cause 2 wounds on multi-wound models.

Strike From the shadows: Marbazz has served with the chapters specialist units (Chosen) for longer then most marines have lived. As such his ability to sneak up on the enemy is nothing short of amazing. As such he insists any and all who go to the field of battle with him are just as skilled at sneaking past the enemy as he is, else their idiocy end his illustrious carrier. !Any unit Marbazz joins gains the Stealth universal rule!. Note: This rule does not apply to models in terminator armor.

Feedback I have got so far: Seems a bit odd, since not many other marine character's actually have useful assault weapons. Also one individual thought the rending causing two wounds was over powered/weird, but oddly enough suggested giving him force weapon equivalent, or always cause instant death?
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This was a fantastic read, I must say. Alot of time and work has gone into this, I can tell; Kudos for that!

It is hard to imagine, because it's so different to any other Chaos Legion; That idea of 'using' the warp is really interesting, and you should continue with it, in coming instalments.

Love them being at war with other CSM Legions, That's a wicked idea, and it's so imaginable, because i can imagine CSM would disapprove entirely with the way SoP function.
- But unfortunately, that's where I don't like it.
My idea of Chaos is where a Legion falls to the temptation of Chaos, and turns into mindless slaves to that God; I Think your Legion is too Self-Established and Free Minded to really be an Army of Chaos.
-The name would be really ironic and sick (Good thing) if they were followers of Slaanesh, But otherwise it's a little bit 'Good'

It comes across to me as more of a Neutral Warband of Space Marines; Who seem to stay out of people's way

I don't want to end on a negative note; It is a fantastic attempt at Homebrew Fluff; and would definitely read any follow-ups to this; to see the progression.

I Admire how you've stuck with this, and perfected the Colour Scheme is brilliant
(Loving the marines you've shown aswell! :) )

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Painting looks awesome and the background is just ace!
I've really enjoyed reading it, your attention to details is superb and that on itself makes it fun to read

planning on writing anything else about it? maybe a 'story' ?

keep 'em coming

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Identifying traits, and themes.

The rank, and file troops of the chapter are often called fiends do to their stealthy, and cruel behavior on the battlefield. The marines themselves bear little semblance to the regular imperial idea of a chaos marine. The reason for this being that fiends often shy away from openly wearing chaos iconography, and instead prefer to wear the chapters symbol on their greaves or pauldrons instead. Also do to their advanced understanding of medical sciences long lost to imperials, it is rare for outward mutations to mar fiends physical bodies.

Another of the more notable traits of these traitors seems to be the ever present over abundance of weaponry, and wargear found on the few dead fiends found after the any number of small skirmishes around imperial space. Often imperials will find a single fiend carrying everything from single shot krak charge launchers, dual bolt pistols, to even more exotic weapons of xeno decent that seem to be beyond imperial tech. Also ever present in these encounters is the trademark none reflective bronzish metallic armor worn by the fiends. However very few of these accounts have reached inner imperial space do to the devastating, and rapid nature of these traitors assaults, some times a imperial fortress will fall in hours to the traitors, do to coms suddenly failing, ammo depots detonating, and even tanks seeming stop work without reason.

Not much is known about these enigmatic individuals are often seen wading through enemies at the head of fiend assaults. To the eye they seem to be as some sort of horrible angel, with glowing blue lenses in their incredible ornate golden battle masks, standing a full head taller then their counter parts, welding huge ceremonial halberds that crackle with lethal energies, which scythe through men like so much wheat. They are often seen adorned with flowing gold inlaid satin white cloth hanging from their armor. Mind you all this could be mere conjecture, since as of yet not one has been felled at least by imperial hand. Some accounts even mention impossible occurrences like prefects simply walking through artillery barrages, and stooping bolter round in mid air.

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.M32 Imperial calendar eastern, Extreme eastern fringe of imperial space.
0500 hour, Planet Xian mall, Eastern Continent.

Well now that things have settled down a bit I guess we can kill some time till the rest of my friends arrive.... I know I'll give you a bit of a biography on my favorite person, myself. Now don't look at me like that after all its not like your going anywhere anytime soon like you are, so you may as well stop shooting me those murderous looks, and sit a spell. Praxis, help our friend here get comfortable well we wait for evac, after all I seldom get a chance to tell a good story to such a deserving individual as our friend here, and his constant groaning is killing the mood. There that's better now lets get on with the story.

My story starts on a depressing little world called Nostramo... Oh judging by the look on your face I can guess you've heard of it, well that saves me the having to describe it to you. So as I was saying, I was the 3rd child of a very well off family with an administrative background in one of the more affluent hives, and as such was meant for far more then being one of the score off low level crime lords, or drug runner that dominated the lower levels of the hives. At a young age my family made sure I had the necessary skills to survive, and move up in my home hive. I still remember fondly the constant tutoring on counter assassination techniques, and political espionage from when I was 10, ah good times they were. So by age 27 I had come into the family business of high governance, my first posting within the cut throat, and less then honest political seen of my home world was as personal assistant to the local governor of my home hive, oh I remember the first time I had to "have a talk with a dissatisfied mob boss" Damn it most have taken a month to get the gore out of that room. Mind you by this time reports of the night haunter were plastered across the coms so stuff like this was getting old hat fast, and more main stream dealing were becoming common place..... Whats that Praxis the ships here, oh how time flies, Oh Praxis can you help our friend here onto the ship, while me and the rest of the squad dispose of the evidence, and prep for departure, after all we don't want to be here when the imperials smack into those word bearer nut jobs.

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Various APC's from various companies within the fist division under high Marshal Marbazz.

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Cult troops have a different place in the warp fiends chapter then they do in most other CSM or renegade chapters. For the cult marines members within the warp fiends chapter are traitors amongst traitors, who have left their mother warbands do to promises ranging from combat drugs, and glory, to do to simple greed or even amnesty for it is not uncommon for even cult warbands to find a marine devotion in question, and see them killed for such failings.

The cult marines are given their own barracks, gear and leadership, but are kept under constant watch. It is not uncommon for a entire squad to be liquidized for violating the wishes of their superiors, a process that involves a intimate encounter with various sharp objects, and a horrible end soon after.
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