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Warmonger Miniatures

28mm Wargaming Miniature Company

Newark, Nottinghamshire

Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Trolls and all sorts of Greenskins. Where will it end?

Warmonger is a new indie miniature company from the Industry renowned Bryan Ansell, Diane and Marcus Ansell alongside sculptor extraordinaire Kevin ‘Goblinmaster ‘Adams.

Our Mission, is to go back to basics and develop our own new fantasy range with a nod to the
classic style of tabletop miniatures. Kevin and Bryan have been working on the Warmongerers for
about a year now and we have about two hundred Warmongerers to get through too. We will also
be going back to the original master moulds and bringing over two hundred of Kevin's fantasy models
from 15 years ago back into production.
We admit It's been hard to predict how long this process is going to take, as we have a very large
number of masters, master moulds and production moulds to get through and we are a small indie team. It would be nice to think that we will have done most of the work within 18 months. We will start out relatively slowly and accelerate as things progress, as we value quality over poor quantity. Now we are ready and going live with our range.

Meanwhile Kevin will of course continue to sculpt.

We're calling Kevin’s new range GREENSKINS. It includes many sorts of Goblinoids in all shapes and
sizes, and a remarkable number of viridian representatives of the fair sex.

Bryan Ansell was the founder of and designer for Asgard Miniatures. Games Workshop formed a partnership with Ansell to found a new company called Citadel Miniatures. Ansell designed Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Ansell was appointed the Managing Director of Games Workshop, boom of the mid-to-late 1980s. He later sold to Tom Kirby, and left to concentrate on Wargames Foundry. Wargames Foundry creates historical miniature ranges.

Wargames Foundry continues to sell a range of metal figures for historical, sci-fi and fantasy war gaming. He has now moved onto Warmonger Miniatures.

“Now that Warmonger have managed to bring these two giants of gaming together it is safe
to say that some truly amazing products are going to be unleashed as a result. We' really
excited at the possibilities, and are excitedly following this project.'
From members of the Oldhammer Gaming Community.

While we were sculpting the first fifty Greenskins, we were putting photos of the sculpts up on our splendidly disorganized Warmonger Facebook site. You might also like to watch our strange video. We will be delighted to receive comments and questions To keep in touch with what we are doing you can join our mailing list, follow us on Facebook and keep checking back or just visit us for a tour and up to date information here at Warmonger HQ!

Useful Links

FB Page

Warmonger Miniatures
The Carriage Court,
Stoke Hall,
Newark, Nottinghamshire
NG23 5QF

Bryan Ansell (Owner)
[email protected]
Mainland UK: 01636 526 886
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